Why Predictions Go Wrong In spite of Correct Birth Chart ?

These days it is observed that even expert astrologers fail to give accurate predictions for even correctly cast computerized birth charts (Janma Kundali) and to save face they claim that the birth chart was not correctly cast and this needs to be rectified. But this is not the reality.

Our first discussion will be on astrology’s calculative outlook which is solely based on logic. To be an expert in mathematical matters, only intelligence is required. The person may not have moral or spiritual quality as these are not prime qualities required in calculative astrology.

Although science helps in raising our standards of living, and is also helpful in discovering new helpful devices, in astrology science is relevant in calculating simple patterns of planets, Nakshatras, houses and Yogas in a birth chart, beyond this it is human intuition and the astrologers grasp of predictive astrology principles that will ascertain whether a chart will be correctly interpret or not.

Excessive mathematical analysis is not very good for prediction and calculation in astrology. For example, according to calculative astrology if a planet moves from the center of the Bhava to the junction (Bhava Sandhi), then it will give the results of the next Bhava even though it is not located in its own Bhava in the Kundali.

To explain this with an example, let us suppose a native has Aries Ascendant and Jupiter is the significator of the 9th house, if the planet is in 8th house then as per the above theory it will provide the result for both the 8th and 9th houses. The 9th house has Mula, Purvasadha and Uttrasadha Nakshatras. Further Jupiter is stationed in the Jyestha Nakshatra then how come the Nakshatra will transit into the Sagittarius sign or Jupiter will occupy the Sagittarius sign?

This is really a ridiculous and illogical thing to imagine. But some so-called proficient astrologers are using this system and that’s why predictions go wrong even when correct birth chart are handed to them. Several astrologers will advise their clients to spend a fortune on Pujas which may be unnecessary.These so-called astrologers are not only spoiling their own Karmas but also making their clients suffer.

Astrology is a super science. No astrologer ever remains satisfied with what the knowledge he/she has gained. Astrologers always tend to feel that there is much more to learn and astrological learning is a never ending process. There is a need to develop superior techniques that equips and astrologer to conclude and predict correctly. It has to be the right blend of capabilities and intuition.

An astrologer must know the psychology of the native he/she is dealing. Astrology is not merely a calculative science,it is an altogether different platform where predictions of predestined events are done. These are based on the astrologer’s understanding of the current planetary position and also knowing the native’s need to approach an astrologer. If an astrologer knows the predestined events, the correctness of the birth chart can be handled aptly.

Then there is another aspect which an astrologer must not forget. The astrologer must know the Sanskara of the querist where an astrological principle of Desh, Kaal and Patra will apply. This is a very important factor because there are many births taking place at the same time and at the same place, but their destinies are different. This is because an individual’s Sanskaras come at play so the result is different for each Kundali.

However no astrologer can claim to be perfect and be precise, it is only the sincere and divine effort to read into the destiny of other people that will pay off. This is possible only if a person has a spiritual bent of mind and seeks blessings from the almighty and Gurus with a pure heart.