Which will be more beneficial Independent Business or Job?

If the person understands at the beginning of his career about his suitability for job or business, then it will not be difficult for him to reach his destination. This will also help to select the right field of education and will be able to save his time and hard work in wrong areas.

For instance after knowing that his career is in job then he will utilize his time in preparations of competitive exams after completion of his studies. However, for career in business his preparations will be different. Once he will decide upon his career, he will plan his education and money management accordingly.

To determine whether the person will have an independent business or job the rules are as follows:-

1. The Numbers of Planets of Seventh to Twelfth or Tenth to Third house

Planets in the seventh to twelfth houses strengthen the tenth house in the birth-chart. Similarly, planets in the tenth to the third house make the Ascendant strong. The possibilities for an independent business will be high when the Ascendant or the tenth house is strong. To start a career as an entrepreneur he should have a strong willpower, far-thinking and intellect of a businessman and the ability to take risks. Placement of five or more than five planets in these house will increase the possibilities of independent business.

2. Planets of Purna Parmatmansh

Sun, Moon, Mars and Rahu are the planets of Purna Parmatmansh. The remaining ones are Jeevansh and Parmatmansh. Due to the influence of planets of Purna Parmatmansh on the Ascendant or the Ascendant lord, the person will be able to take his decisions independently as well as increase possibilities to become an independent entrepreneur. Whereas, in his job a person has to follow the orders of others.

3. Position of Saturn and its effects on the tenth house/lord

If Saturn becomes strong in the birth-chart and influences the Sun, Moon and the tenth house then the person should choose independent business as a career. However, if Saturn is weak and influenced by Sun, Moon, tenth house/lord then he should choose job as his occupation. Saturn is also considered a kaarak of job.

4. Comparison Between Sixth house/lord and Ascendant/ Ascendant lord

In the birth-chart, the sixth house is the house of job or service in prison or hospital. That is why his fortune encourages him towards job because of the strong Sixth house in the birth-chart. If he is involved in business then he may have to follow the orders of others. However he may achieve success easily if the Ascendant/Ascendant lord is placed in a good position in the birth-chart.

5. Auspicious Effects on the Third House, Mars and the Ninth House

In the birth-chart, the third house is the house of courage, hard decisions and challenges. The person becomes an entrepreneur when the third house is in a steady position. Mars should be strong because these qualities come from Mars. The ninth house is the house of fortune. If he has a strong fortune then he may not have difficulties to achieve success.

6. Money Yoga

The person requires good amount of money to invest in an independent business. Dhan yoga in the birth-chart create a possibility for earning good income. In that situation, he will make lot of money which will be chiel through an independent business of his own, because in a job the income is limited. Relationship of the second house, eleventh house, fifth house and ninth house are considered auspicious for dhan yoga in the birth-chart.