Virgo Natives are Shy and Alert

Virgo is the 6th zodiac sign. The symbol of Virgo is a girl standing with a flower bouquet in her hand. Virgo is the Lord of the south direction. Mercury is the Lord of this sign. Virgo has exalted Mercury and a debilitated Venus. Natives born in this sign are basically shy yet alert. In this article, we will discuss the characteristics of the Virgo natives.

Vedic astrology says that in Virgo natives the Earth element is prominent. Virgos have dual nature and due to this, there are differences in their words and deeds. It is not very easy for common people to understand the nature of Virgo natives.

Due to their dual nature, they cannot take decisions in time. Natives born under the Virgo sign are very philosophical and their decisions have a logical ground. Virgo natives can analyze as well as assess a situation acutely. They have a rational approach and are not bogged down by emotions. They are goal oriented achievers, however, they will not boast of their achievements. They participate in noble work and charity. They are assertive and also raise their voice actively.

Natives of Virgo are very intelligent. They are sharp and because of this they can easily perform difficult tasks. It is observed that the natives of Virgo are shy and hesitant. They take their time and don’t mix easily.

Virgos are very humane and kind. However they will not help others at the cost of their own selves. They are calculative and will consider all the pros and cons, gains and losses before helping. Virgos are transparent, they do not amend or hide their feelings but express exactly what they feel. They tend to be overly critical and lose the plot in the process. They lose their peace of mind because they tend to get into too much detailing. They have strong likes and dislikes which makes them fussy. They cannot sugar coat their words. They will be blunt and speak the truth in plain language. This may sometimes hurt people around them.

Natives born under Virgo sign have a sentimental nature. They don’t believe in suppressing their emotions and expressions. They are forthright and usually say what they believe in with strength and conviction. Virgos are known for calling a spade a spade. They are normally very modest. Virgos take active participation in humanitarian works and raise voice against injustice.Virgos understand traditions and are dedicated to their family and friends. They realize the importance of relations. They take care of their family members, be it their spouse, children or the elderly. They ride high on the emotional quotient and tend to love with utmost passion.

They are excellent advisors and always ready to solve the problems of friends. As friends, they are always available in the need of the hour. They believe in maintaining deep and permanent relations with friends. They value kind acts done by others towards them and will always be grateful

According to astrology, Virgos can find a suitable profession in mathematics, commerce, literature, medicine, tourism, writing, acting, B.ed, M.ed, and other business related occupations. These avenues may be a profitable source of income for the Virgos. Some other favorable options are that of editing, broking, printing press, human resource, and education. Virgos can succeed very easily in these sectors if they work hard.

Virgos have the tendency to succumb to diseases like typhoid, dysentery and other stomach related illnesses. So, Virgos should especially be careful about what they eat and what they drink to lead a healthy life.