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Virgo Natives are Shy and Alert

Virgo is the 6th zodiac sign. The symbol of Virgo is a girl standing with a flower bouquet in her hand. Virgo is the lord of the south direction. Mercury is the lord of this sign. Virgo has exalted Mercury and a debilitated Venus. Natives born in this sign are basically shy and timid. In this article we will discuss about the characteristics of the Virgo natives.
Vedic astrology says that in Virgo natives the Earth element is prominent. Virgos have dual nature and due to this there are differences in their words and deeds. It is not very easy for common people to understand the nature of Virgo natives.
Due to their dual nature they cannot make decisions in time. Natives born in Virgo sign are very philosophical and their decisions have a logical ground. Virgo natives can analyze as well as determine the situation acutely.
Natives of Virgo are very intelligent. They are sharp minded people who can succeed in doing difficult tasks. It is observed that natives of Virgo are shy and hesitant. They cannot blend up with people within a short time.
Virgos are very humane and kind. They have helping nature but first think of their benefit.  They don’t help others at the sake of their own loss, they ascertain their profit and loss before helping others.
Natives born in Virgo have sentimental nature. They don’t believe in suppressing their emotions and expressions. They are forthright and usually say what they believe in with strength and conviction. Virgos are known for calling a spade, a spade. They are normally very modest. Virgos take active participation in humanitarian works and raise voice against injustice.
According to astrology Virgos can find suitable profession in mathematics, commerce, literature, medicine, tourism, writing, acting, B.ed, M.ed and other business jobs. These jobs may give a profitable source of income to the Virgos. Some other favorable jobs are of editor, broker, printing press, human resource and jobs related with education field. In these sector Virgos by their labour may get success very easily.
Astrologer says that Virgos have the tendency to catch diseases like typhoid, dysentery and other stomach problems. So, the Virgos should specially be careful about these diseases to lead a healthy life.