Vedic Remedies in Astrology

Vedic astrology has three parts in which the third part is called Remedial Astrology. The second part is called Predictive Astrology, popularly used to predict the future of a person. But precautions taken against inauspicious planetary results, come under the sphere of Remedial Astrology. Let’s begin with some remedies prescribed by astrologers.

Gemstone remedies

Every planet has a gem and a sub-gem. Astrologers suggest gems and sub-gems to receive benefic influence from the planet of that gem. Original and high quality gems works wonders. But in these days top-class gems are rare and only the luckiest person can get them. It is very difficult to achieve original gems today.

Today markets are crowded with imitation gems and common people are unable to identify the right gems and wear them. The fake gems are ineffective and cannot give you any benefits and this creates a question mark on the credibility of astrology as well as on wearing gems.

If you use a fake gem, gem-therapy and its related remedies like color-therapy and stone-therapy become ineffective. Even if a person acquired the real gem, it will have an impact only during its period in the Vimshottari Mahadasha or sub-period. Gems manufactured in a laboratory do not have any impact, so be very careful while buying gems.

Yantra Remedies

The finished product of the inscription of Mantras of gods and goddesses on metals like steel, copper etc is called Yantra. Yantra is also called the structure of Mantra. They are energized on a specific moment using mantras of the deity involved. After this, the Mantra of the deity is chanted a specific number of times sitting in front of the Yantra. In this way the Yantra gets activated and then can be installed in the prayer room. It must be worshipped daily with incense sticks and candles to get good results out of it. You can also keep purified small Yantra in the shape of a pendant or may even tie it to your arms.

A person should be religious and honest as Yantra works well if regularly worshipped with a pure heart. It’s non-effective for atheists.

Fast Remedies

The importance of fasting has been observed from ancient times. Fast can be performed both for a desire and without desire. Here I will discuss desirous fast. Girls keep fasts for sixteen and twenty two weeks to get married and attain wealth respectively.

For marriage Jupiter, and for accumulating wealth Venus is worshipped. If one keep his/her fast upto sixteen weeks and or twenty-two weeks then special rituals are performed in the last week of the fast. A person must keep the fast for the day, and break it within of the sunrise the next day. In this way in a purified manner fasting can give the person good results.

Chanting Remedies

To calm planets and get benefits from them mantras related to the planets should be recited. Recitations can be categorized into Vedic, Ancient, Material, Trantrik and Saabar recitational branches. There are separate norms, numbers, to recite a mantra and for special mantras there are special garlands.

Example: basil garlands are used for Vaishnav mantras, Rudraksha garland for Shiv mantras, and Lotus seeds garland are used for Laxmi mantra recitation. To get desires results, the person must chant the mantras for the prescribed number of days and prescribed number of times. Only then the mantra will yield effect.

Yajna Remedies

Yajna is a religious way of remedy to fulfill one’s desire. From the Vedas we get to know that Yajnas were performed in ancient times and were very important in the daily lives of our ancestors. Some important Yajnas that were performed to fulfill desires in the Vedic period were: Rajasuya Yajna, Ashwamedha Yajna, and Mahamrityunjaya Yajna.