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Impacts of Vedh Dosha and Panch-Saptashalaka

According to Vedic astrology vedh dosha can be determined by Panchshalaka and Saptashalaka. To calculate vedh dosha from the panchshalaka 5 vertical lines, 5 horizontal lines and 2 diagonal lines are drawn. In this chakra if the marriage nakshatra or the Moon is situated in a nakshatra in front of which a nakshatra with a planet is located, then the Moon nakshatra will be afflicted by vedh dosha.
Saptashalaka also forms vedh dosha like panchashalaka but here the lines are not stretched diagonally. Hence saptashalaka has vertical and horizontal lines.
The nakshatra with which the marriage nakshatra is combining if has a planet stationed on it will be considered as vedh stricken. Let us give an example, suppose Moon is in kritika nakshatra and in front of it vishakha nakshatra has Mars or any other planet on it. In this situation the Moon will be afflicted with vedh dosha.
Some astrologers determine the Paad dosha to evaluate the vedh dosha. If a planet is on the 4th quarter of a nakshatra and another nakshatra which is located on the 1st quarter will be vedh stricken. Similarly if a planet is in the 3rd quarter and another planet is in the 2nd quarter of the vedh stricken nakshatra then also vedh is afflicted.
Let’s see the impacts of vedh afflicted muhurat.
 If Sun is the significator of vedh then the bride may lead the life of a widow. If the vedh significator is Mars then parents may face the grief of the loss of their child. Mercury may create many problems whereas Jupiter may act as an obstacle in getting a child.
Venus as significator of vedh may make couple unfaithful to each other; Saturn may even make a couple give birth to a dead baby. A wife may keep illegal relationship other than her husband if Rahu is the vedh significator whereas ketu destroys a family in this situation.
Astrology says that Vedh dosha is ineffective in following conditions:
  • Placement of auspicious planet in marriage muhurat.
  • The marriage Ascendant is in 11th house and is aspect by a benefic planet.
  • Strongly placed Moon.