Various Systems of Daily Astrology

Most of us are curious to know what future holds. Many people may not believe in astrology but read their daily predictions for fun or out of interest.

Astrology is so fascinating that people who object to this science in the society may use it in their personal lives. This dual nature has nothing to do with astrology but the person himself.

We will discuss Daily Astrology here. Planetary Transits determine daily predictions. Daily astrology takes into account the movement of planets in different signs and their effects on the person on a particular day. There are different opinions about the impact of planetary transits on a person’s life. We will highlight some of the important points only. One of the methods gives daily predictions based on the relationship of a person’s name and the planetary position of the moon on that day. This arrangement decides whether a day will be favourable or unfavourable for someone.

Most of the times a person’s social name is used for predictive purporses, but in my opinion his birth moon sign and the name given at birth give more accurate predictions. Daily astrology, since forever, is determined by the transit of planets based on the moon. Moon also decides Shani sadhe sati and dhaiyaa while solar eclipses too happen due the transit of Rahu and Ketu with respect to Moon.

In another daily astrology system, we assess the effects of the yoga of lunar sign and the day. Here we see the Tatwa (element) of the sign where moon is placed. Suppose moon transits through Aries. Aries is of fire element. Now consider the day of the week, suppose it is a Sunday, sun is also of fire element. Hence the same fire element of moon and the day of the week make it an auspicious day. In the same way other signs and days of the week are analysed.

Daily astrology is important in when predicting travel and journeys. Moon placed in the direction of travel is auspicious while placed opposite is inauspicious. Suppose moon is transiting through Gemini on the day of travel and Gemini indicates west. Travelling to the west will be fruitful while to the east will bring problems. Similarly other lunar sings are considered. However analysis of horary chart is more important for matters related to travel.