Various Methods of Predicting The Future

Everybody is curious to know about their future. There are many methods of divination available to satiate this curiosity. These methods are popular not only in India, but other parts of the world as well. Each method has its own procedures and characteristics. Let us talk about some of these methods.

Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is one of the main systems of Indian Astrology. It is a part of Vedas and is recognized as the Eyes of the Vedas. It predicts future on the basis of the birth-chart.

  • To predict future according to this method the information of the birth-time, place and date are very important.

  • On the basis of vedic astrology a lot about the past, present & future can be determined.

  • Their influence can be seen on karma & destiny. In the event of any matter, yogas play an important role in kundali and the dasha & antardasha of planets is also important.

  • Very often, good yogas are formed in a kundali and planets are also strong but still a person might not get auspicious results because planet is weak in varg kundali, that’s why varg kundalis holds great importance in vedic astrology.

  • Varg kundalis also hold great importance in birth horoscope. If a planet is strong in birth horoscope and weak in varg kundali, then in this situation auspicious results cannot be achieved.

  • With the help of varg kundali, ascendant and its lord, related house and its lord are analyzed.

For example:

For children saptansh kundli is analyzed that’s why ascendant, it’s lord, fifth house and fifth house lord are analyzed. In birth horoscope the situation of fifth house lord can be seen in the seventh house lord, then only we can reach a conclusion.

Jaimini Astrology

Maharishi Parashara and Jaimini both belong to the same period. They introduced separate systems of astrology based on similar principles. Jaimini Astrology is very popular in South India and is quite similar to Vedic Astrology. However, it distinct rules and principles.

  • The Astrologers who predict future on the basis of Jaimini astrology too are quite successful in predicting the fortunes just like the Parashari astrologers.

  • Jaimini astrology has its own importance. Jaimini astrology is different from vedic astrology. Here, instead of the position of planets, dashayein of rashis is considered.

  • The scenario of all the twelve zodiac is considered. Out of all the planets, only seven planets are given importance.

  • The greatest importance of jaimini astrology is that, if a person doesn’t know the correct time of birth, then also decisions can be clearly made for them. Many dashayein has been explained in this study.

  • Just like jaimini char dasha, manduk dasha, jaimini sthir dasha, navansh dasha etc. Apart from these, there are many other dashayein but only these are used.

The most popular in Jaimini astrology is Jaimini char dasha. This dasha is more prevalent out of all the other dashas. Calculations in every dasha of Jaimini astrology is different. But one thing is similar that is all these dashas are of zodiac signs. In Jaimini astrology the dashayein are of zodiac signs. In this, the dashas of all twelve signs comes in a sequence. At the time of birth, the rashi which present in the ascendant, the mahadasha is also of the same sign. The way of determining the year of dasha is different.

Horary Astrology

Horary Astrology is the astrological method based on questions. The person who does not know his birth-place, time and date can use this method to discover what lies in store. In this method the astrologer decides the Ascendant on the basis of the planetary positions at the time the question has been asked by the native. In this method you will get the answers for the questions you ask from the astrologer. It does not use the rigid mathematical methods like Vedic Astrology. It does not include calculations like Vimshottari Dasha, Anterdasha and Pratyantara Dasha.


In Palmistry, the future is predicted on the basis of the Lines and mounts in the hand, signs, physical and noticeable attributes, shapes of hands and legs as well as nails.

From this method, people who do not have information about their birth-date or time can know about their future. The Palmists regards the predictions as destiny.

Palmistry is an ancient branch of astrology. It analyzes the lines on palms to determine the personality, character and future of the person. It is also known as ‘caramancy’. This practice is not limited any particular culture, region or religion. It is found in a variety of cultural diversions around the world. Therefore, different versions are available for analyzing the lines on palms and other characteristics of hands. The people who are engaged in the practice of this art are called hand analysts.

Many intellectuals believe that the birth or start of palmistry happened in India. Maharishi Valmiki, who is a great saint has written a book on male palmistry. His knowledge spread from India to China, Tibet, Egypt & France. Famous people like Hippocrates & Kero have been associated with palmistry. Kero has written many books on palmistry and he is also known as the father of palmistry.

Lal-Kitab Astrology

Lal Kitab is also one of the methods to predict the future. Lal Kitab is a simple but exotic method of astrology. It gives a lot of importance to houses and remedies. Lal Kitab does not have signs but numbers for each house. It gives results according to the position of planets in a particular house. It provides remedies to increase the auspiciousness of the planets as well as to reduce the inauspiciousness of the planets. In Punjab, this method of Astrology is very popular and is fast gaining popularity all over the country.

There are many assumptions with respect to Lal Kitab. There are different opinions about how this study started. Lal Kitab is considered separate from vedic astrology. But in the present time, astrologers are making a big mistake, they analyze birth horoscope according to vedic astrology and tell the remedies according to Lal Kitab. Lal Kitab has its own rules for analysing the kundali. If a person is following the remedies according to Lal Kitab, then he should also study his kundali according to Lal Kitab.


Today, the popularity of Numerology is increasing rapidly. In the western countries, this method is very popular. In this method, the name numbers, root numbers and destiny numbers play a vital role. The numbers considered are 1 to 9. The three most important numbers in numerology, viz., the name numbers, root numbers and destiny must be compatible. If they are not compatible it is not considered auspicious for the native.

In this situation, the remedy is to match these numbers. Changes can be made in the native's name to create a match between these three numbers. The root and destiny numbers are decided on the basis of the birth date of native, although, the name numbers are decided on the basis of the English alphabet.

Tarot Cards

These days, the method of making predictions through tarot cards is very popular. There are 78 cards in which 1 to 21 are the prime cards and the remaining 56 are the normal cards. In this system, the cards are to be shuffled before the native is asked to select one card among all the cards and then on the basis of the card selected the astrologers declares the result.

Feng Shui

Chinese astrology is called as ‘Feng Shui’. It is almost 5,000 years old. The literal meaning of feng shui is air & water. Maintaining the right balance in a building increases the positivity, which helps in attaining happiness & peace. The intuitive compilation of this science's mysterious mysteries teaches us about it. By studying feng shui and adopting the simple principles of it in life, can improve health, fate, fame and develop lifestyle & harmony, can bring closeness in love relations, increase in working capability and harmony in married life, and can receive wealth, respect and good friends.

The literal meaning of feng shui is air & water, this science of China is used just like the vastu shastra of India, but there are many differences with respect to it. With the help of the remedies mentioned in feng shui, one can convert it’s fate into good luck & get rid of problems as well.

Other methods to predict future

Apart from the methods mentioned above, there are many other methods which can predict future. They are Loshu Chakra, Chinese Astrology, Nandi Nadi Jyotisha, Crystal Ball, Bhrigu Samhita, Ramala and Medniya Jyotisha. With dedication and faith, you can know your future through these methods as well.