Third house in The Horary Chart

For better administration school and college divides classes and make sections so that works is properly distributed. Similarly, a birth chart contains 12 houses which have specific relevance and responsibilities. For example the 2nd house stands for wealth, relationships with relatives, speaking ability etc. likewise the 3rd house also has its own meaning and importance.

In this article we will discuss the importance of 3rd house in the horary chart. Astrology says that third house in a horary chart indicates the native’s brother and sister, journey, strength and change. Vedic astrology considers Mars as the significator of this house.
Predictions can be obtained from the 3rd house of one’s horary chart when a question is being asked about his work life. Let’s understand by an example.

Suppose a person want to know about his relationship with his brother and sister. The astrologer will provide him answer by making a horary chart on the basis of the time of asking the question. As the question is about brother and sister the 3rd house will act like the karya (significator) house. Another important thing is that as Mars is the significator of this house it will have major influence in this kundali.

A native will have an excellent relationship with his brother and sister if there are auspicious and strong Ascendant, lord of the Ascendant, third house, lord of the third house and Mars in the horary chart. It is said that auspicious planet and house in horary chart maintains good relationship with close ones whereas inauspicious planet and house creates problems in relations.

From the above stated method a person not only gets information about his relationships but also can get answers on short term journeys and changes in his life.
Suppose a person want to know whether ashort distance journey will bring him favour or not. To get the answer of a native’s inquiry, position of Ascendant, lord of the Ascendant, 3rd house, lord of the 3rd house and Mars are judged in horary chart. If they are strong and auspicious then it is very good to set for a short distance journey.

Moon in the 3rd house or aspect of Moon on the lord of the 3rd house increases the possibility of success in journey. It is widely believed that aspect of Moon is very important in making a task fruitful in the horary chart.

Krishnamurthy method gives another explanation on horary prediction which is different from Vedic astrological principles. It is because in Krishnamurthy method importance has been given to nakshatras and not planets.  Nakshatra Bhagesh is very significant because it predicts the answer of a question with certainty. Nakshatra Bhagesh is a part of the nakshatra.
These two methods of predicting through horary chart are practiced throughout the country. Astrologers can obtain answers of question from the 3rd house with their observation and talent from each methods discussed above.