The Natives of Purvaphalguni Nakshatra are Soft and Stoic

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra is the 11th Nakshatra numerically and finds its place in the zodiac sign Leo from 13°20’ to 26°and 40’.The deity God of this Nakshatra is ‘Bhag’, who is one of the 12 sons of Sun’s mother Aditi. The Rashi Lord is Sun and Nakshatra Lord is Venus. This Nakshatra belongs to Manushya Gana and its deity is Goddess Laxmi.

They natives of this Nakshatra have an attractive personality and love freedom.They are peaceful in nature but that does not mean that they will not fight for their rights. They are affectionate and loving. They have a caring and genial heart for everyone.

They keep distant from conflicts and disputes. They generally don’t interfere in others matters.They are peace lovers and prefer mutual agreement over fighting. The natives of Purva Phalguni are calm and resolved. They have a high self esteem and do not get involved in any form of immoral activities which may hurt their dignity. They are very confident and speak politely.

They generally don’t like orders even from their boss. As a result they may not may progress at a faster pace.They may not know that they have enemies in their close quarters.They have intuitive powers and can understand others mind easily.

They are very loyal and lead an honest life. Vedic astrology says that people born in the Purva Phalguni Nakshatra are fond of music and other fine arts.They are well versed in arts and literature. They develop a taste for this vocation from childhood and carry it forward to have a respectable and profitable career in their chosen subject.

They do well in science and training related fields. They can also work in the government sector as employees, senior managers or ambassadors. Fashion and entertainment industry is also suitable for them. They would do well in singing, acting, basically anything that involves creativity. Further they are also capable of working as doctors, nurses, or animal science tourists.Their progress is slow but they do attain a higher rank at an advanced stage after about forty five years of age.

They love travelling. They don't like to stick to one place. Change is in their nature. They maintain a warm relationship with friends and relatives. They are soft spoken and polished. These people are sincere towards their responsibilities. Astrologers say that they do well in business as compared to service. They are not daydreamers dreamers. They are pragmatic and like to implement everything they think of in nuts and bolts. They want to give concrete shape to their spontaneous thoughts.

The natives of this Nakshatra have an independent personality. They are influenced by Venus too. As a result though have are family oriented and like being with family they have a special attraction for the opposite sex. They get embroiled in several controversies on account of their relationships beyond marriage.

They are not cleaning freaks but they do try to be well groomed at all times. They are disciplined and love to decorate their house with beautiful things. They are very particular about keeping things in place. They are very affable and can mix with people very quickly. They are wealthy and enjoy a luxurious life. Women born in this Nakshatra are said to be very beautiful. They are endowed with soft nature but may be arrogant sometimes. They are energetic and restless.

Spinal cord and heart are organs that come under this Nakshatra. Whenever this Nakshatra will be affected, the native may suffer from problems related to these organs. The native of this Nakshatra may get affected from teeth related or stomach related problems. Diabetes may also affect the native of this Nakshatra. Females may suffer from problems related to monthly menstruation. Asthma, jaundice and respiratory problems are some other diseases that may also affect the native.