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The Kakrach Yoga is an Inauspicious Combination of Week and Lunar Day

The kakrach yoga is a combination of week and lunar day which falls under the category of inauspicious yogas. Astrologers say that kakrach yoga is inauspicious for any types of auspicious purposes. Marriage, journey, project, upanayan and other auspicious works should not be performed in this malefic yoga.
The kakrach yoga is formed if the result of the combination of week and lunar day is 13. Let’s see how the sum of the combination of week day and lunar day arrives in 13.
By counting the 6th lunar day and Saturday which is the 7th week day we get 6+7=13, which creates kakrach yoga. It means that if the 6th lunar day strikes on the Saturdays then the day is inauspicious for any auspicious works.
Similarly the 6th week day and 7th lunar day that make 13, form kakrach yoga.
If 9th lunar day falls on Wednesday the 4th week day then also kakrach yoga is formed.
Kakrach yoga is formed if 10th lunar day falls on Tuesdays making the day inauspicious for good works. Here also 10+3 gives the result 13.
Kakrach yoga is formed by the combination of 11th lunar day and Mondays.
When 12th lunar day and Sundays combine.
Astrology says that kakrach yoga may destroy an auspicious work of a native. To avoid such circumstances the native should follow the conditions stated above.