The Kakrach Yoga is an Inauspicious Combination of Week and Lunar Day

India is a country where people pursue different religions, faith, customs, conventions, speak various languages. Everyone seeks advice from a different preacher or Guru on various important matters. Astrology is a great science and is very methodical. It is based on astronomical calculations. It opens our doors to many things which have immense value. Muhurat, a component of astrological study is instrumental in selecting an appropriate time for commencement of any auspicious work. It is computed based on several astrological parameters such as Tithi, Nakshatra, Vaar, Yoga and Karana. Apart from these solar and lunar months as well as ascendants play an important role in zeroing in on a Muhurat.

Yoga is an important component of Muhurta after Tithi, Vaar, and Nakshatra. The lunar day is from one sunrise to the next day sunrise.There are fifteen lunar days in each Paksha viz; Krishna Paksha of dark half and Shukla Paksha of bright half. Week days are named after the planets from Sun for Sunday, Moon for Monday, Mars for Tuesday, Mercury for Wednesday, Jupiter for Thursday, Venus for Friday and Saturn for Saturday. Combination of certain lunar days with weekdays forms different Yogas.

Several Benefic and malefic Yogas are formed by the permutation and combination of and lunar days

Good Yogas enhance the activity done in a Muhurat and bad Yogas create problems in the activity done in a Muhurat.

New assignments and works should not be commenced on a day which has malefic Yoga. Besides these, the foundation of a house or shop must not be laid during these malefic Yogas.

How is Kakrach Yoga formed?

Let us take a look at the Kakrach Yoga. Kakrach Yoga is a malefic Yoga. This Yoga is inauspicious for journeys as they may end up giving negative results.

Just like any other Yogas the Kakrach Yoga is a combination of a specific week day and lunar day. The lunar day is 13. Astrologers say that Kakrach Yoga is inauspicious for any types of auspicious purposes. Marriage, journey, project, Upanayan and other auspicious works should not be performed in this malefic Yoga.

The Kakrach Yoga is formed when the sum of week day and lunar day is 13. Let’s see how the sum of the combinations of week day and lunar day are arrived at:

When Sunday the 1st day of week coincides with Tithi 12th, it totals to 13.

When Monday the 2nd day of week coincides with Tithi 11th it totals to 13.

When Tuesday the 3rd day of week coincides with 10th Tithi it totals to 13.

When Wednesday the 4th day of week coincides with 9th Tithi it totals to 13.

When Thursday the 5th day of week coincides with 8th Tithi it totals to13.

When Friday the 6th day of week coincides with 7th Tithi it totals to 13.

And finally when Saturday the 7th day of the week coincides with 6th Tithi it totals to 13.

All the above combinations lead to the formation of which Kakrach Yoga and hence are considered inauspicious. This also provides an inkling to the belief that the number13 is generally regarded as unlucky and should be avoided in auspicious works.

Astrology says that Kakrach Yoga is powerful and may also lead to failure of any task undertaken in this Yoga. To avoid such circumstances the native should follow the suggestions stated above.