The Importance of Navamsh Kundali

From the Navamsha Kundli almost every detail of a person’s life can be obtained. You can find out facts related to your educational, professional, and family life from this kundli.

Navamsha kundli is considered as the most important kundli after the Birth Chart Kundli. If Ascendant (Lagna) Kundli is the body then Navamsha kundli is the soul, because only from this it is known how fruitful a planet will be in a Kundali. Unless Navamsh Kundali is taken into consideration one cannot hope to give accurate predictions.

According to Astrology a person having Navamsha in an exalted (Vargottam) position will remain physically and mentally fit and strong. Besides this the person gets result in accordance with the movement of his Ascendant’s sign. The planets give different results depending on their exalted position. These are as follows:

Sun Vargottam

A person having Sun in exalted position is usually philosophic in nature. He possesses good mental and physical strength. He enjoys his life magnificently and achieves high stature and fame in society. He has an interest in domestic affairs. The person gains a high standing in govt. job/sphere if the Ascendant is in exalted position in the Navamsha kundli or the Sun is in twelfth house.

Moon Vargottam

People who have Moon in exalted position are generally fond of their mother. They have a wonderful memory and are intelligent and responsible in nature. They don’t discriminate and behave equally with every people. They are very keen about their desires and make every possible attempt to achieve those. If the Ascendant is in exalted position in the Navamsha kundli and Moon is placed in twelfth house, the person shines in business.

Mars Vargottam

A person whose Mars is in exalted position has a good convincing power. He has interest in Astrology and can predict the happenings in his surroundings. He has an inspiring nature and raises his voice against those he dislikes. He will not succumb to any pressure.

If the Ascendant is in exalted position in Navamsha kundli and Mars is in the twelfth house, the person gets success in armed force and areas related to it.

Mercury Vargottam

Individuals having Mercury in Ascendant are intelligent and very influential. They can attract people with their convincing way of speaking and are good at debating. If the Ascendant is in exalted in the Navamsha kundli and Mercury is placed in the twelfth house, the person succeeds in educational field.

Jupiter Vargottam

People having Jupiter in exalted position may be egoistic and greedy in nature. They carefully listen and understand what others say and try to find out the truth. They are beautiful people with a good physique, and are intelligent and witty. If the Ascendant is exalted in Navamsha kundli and Jupiter is in twelfth house the person reaches spiritual heights.

Venus Vargottama

Individuals who have an exalted Venus pay special attention to their beauty and body. They have a the power of observing what’s going on in a person’s mind and can be a good astrolger. He does not suffer from excessive diseases as his immunity power is strong. If Venus is in twelfth house and the Ascendant is in exalted position in Navamsha kundli he/she leads a peaceful and happy life.

Saturn Vargottam

A person who has Saturn in exalted position is careless and irresponsible towards their duties though they are very willing. They are seriously concerned about their health. The person has a long life but it may be full of struggle. If the twelfth house is occupied by Saturn and the Ascendant is in exalted position in the Navamsha kundli he /she may be in a service.

Role of Navamsha in Marriage Chart

Marriage is an important part of everyone’s life. Navamsha plays a crucial role in important matters like marriage. According to astrology when planets transit through the sixty-fourth Navamsha marriage is not advisable. If a couple who are about to marry have inauspicious planets in their thirty-sixth, sixty-fourth, seventy-secondth, and ninety-sixth house of Navamsha then its good not to marry else their conjugal life will be devoid of happiness.

Besides these if any planet takes position between the Ascendant and fifty-fifth house of Navamsha, marriage should not be done as the life of the husband and wife/couple may have problems.

Effect of Navamsha on Dasha Transit

When a person is running the Vimshottari Dasha of the Navamsh of the Ascendant-lord then it’s an excellent period for him or her. The lord of the Navamsh that has the seventh-lord of the lagna kundali yields excellent results when its period and sub-period is running, similarly the period and the sub-period of the fifth-lord also yields positive results.

On the flip side the lord of the 64th Navamansh and the planets that are in conjunction with it will give the native negative results when their period or sub period is running.