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Taurus - the Second Zodiac Sign is Faithful and Humble

In the 12 signs’ zodiac cycle Taurus is the second sign. It has the symbol of an ox. It is an auspicious sign and the characteristics of this sign are faithfulness and humbleness. Astrology says that Taurus is a gentle sign and natives born in this sign are blessed with a good fortune. Taurus is a sign of South direction and Venus is its lord. This sign have exalted Moon and Rahu but a debilitated Ketu. In this article we will discuss about the traits of the natives of Taurus.
According to astrology Taurus have Earth elements in it. The Taureans are attractive characters and this is the reason why people are attracted to the natives of this sign. They are thoughtful and sensitive people who are bothered about their surroundings and help people in distress.
It is perhaps true that Taureans are reluctant but no one is as laborious and workaholic when work is assigned to them. They are responsible and rest only after the completion of a task. They achieve their goal at any cost. The natives of this sign are trustworthy and intelligent. Their suggestions are proved to be good and profitable.
Taureans are satisfied and have no greediness in their nature. They are happy with their resources and thankful to the almighty. Their face also reflects the satisfaction and cheerfulness of their healthy mind. They are very humble and genuine people but when time requires they become very strict and rigid.
Natives of Taurus believe in reality not in illusion. One sticking feature in their nature is that they don’t forget their roots. Taureans treasure past incidents and lives with them. They give prime importance to love in their life. Natives of Taurus love people but they are faithful to their life partner. Though they have erotic nature, their love is permanent for life partner and leads an amazing conjugal life.
Natives of this sign have very high self-esteem people. They are spontaneous and don’t like any intrusion in their field of interest. They work according to their mind and else listen to their life partner.
It is seen that Taureans are interested in music, psychology, designing, interior decoration, automobile, dancing, sculpturing and film making professions. Natives of Taurus can make a profit if they work in film music, tax sector, small car, mattress and textile industry, glass and sun mica industry. Taureans can have a successful career in entertainment industry as this field is favorable for them.
They lead a financially secure life. Natives of Taurus sign have an inclination towards luxury and comfort. They want to make their life happy and peaceful. Women of Taurus sign are fond of dressing and make up.
Natives who are born in Taurus sign have a tendency of getting piles, thyroid, cervical, neck problem and sex organ diseases. Women Taureans may have menstruation related disease.