Taurus - the Second Zodiac Sign is Faithful and Humble

Amongst the 12 signs of the zodiac cycle Taurus is the second sign. It is symbolised by an ox. Its range is 30° to 60°in the natural zodiac. It is an auspicious sign and the characteristics of this sign are faithfulness and humbleness. Astrology says that Taurus is a gentle sign and natives born in this sign are blessed with good fortune. Taurus is a sign of the South direction and Venus is its Lord. This sign has exalted Moon and Rahu but a debilitated Ketu. In this article we will discuss about the traits of the natives of Taurus.

According to astrology Taurus has an earth element. Taureans have attractive personalities. This is the reason why people are drawn towards the natives of this sign. They are thoughtful and sensitive people. They are concerned about their surroundings and help those in distress.When we say that they are faithful, yes they are, but when it comes to being humble they pick and choose with whom they want to show their humble side.

It is perhaps true that Taureans are rigid but no other sign natives are as laborious and hardworking as Taureans once a project is assigned to them. They are responsible and rest only after the completion of a given task. They achieve their goals at any cost. The natives of this sign are trustworthy and intelligent. Their suggestions prove to be good and profitable.One negative point to be borne in mind is that they implement suggestions only if they are convinced, else they will stick to their own plans.

Taureans are content and not greedy in their nature. They are happy with their resources and thankful to the almighty. Their face also reflects satisfaction and cheerfulness of their healthy mind. They are very humble and genuine but when the situation demands they can become rigorous and strict.

Natives of Taurus believe in reality and not in illusion. One striking feature in their nature is that they don’t forget their roots. Taureans treasure memories and these memories become an important part of their lives. They give prime importance to love in their life. Natives of Taurus love mingling with people but as a rule they are faithful to their life partner.They are sensual and seek erotic pleasure with their life partner. This leads to an amazing conjugal life.They are not very emotional type and may even appear superficial but at the same time they are honest in any relationship.

They don’t like sudden changes, being a fixed sign they prefer to work at a place for long time.They don’t like jobs which involves a lot of travelling.They are stubborn and stick to what they believe is right.They don’t waver and are strong willed persons.They have good number of quality friends and are committed towards them.They like to spend and party with friends quite often.

Natives of this sign have very high self-esteem. They are spontaneous and don’t like any intrusion in their field of interest. They work only as per their will. At max they will pay heed to their life partner’s advice.They are very patient unless provoked.

It is seen that Taureans are interested in music, psychology, designing, interior decoration, automobile, dancing, sculpturing and film making professions. Natives of Taurus can make a profit if they work in music, taxation, cars, mattresses, textiles, glass and sunmica industry. Taureans can have a successful career in the entertainment industry as this field is favorable for them.

They lead a financially secure life. Natives of Taurus sign have an inclination towards luxury and comfort. They prefer a happy and peaceful. Women under the Taurus sign like to be well groomed. They are fond of dressing up and make up.They wear colorful dresses and are fashionable.They are self indulgent and love to spend time in leisure with good food.They will decorate their homes in a beautiful way with lots of items related to art and design.

Natives who are born under the Taurus sign have a robust personality. They have lot of physical stamina but when it comes to health issues they are suceptible to diseases related to ears,throat, thyroid, cervical, neck, sex organs and piles. Women Taureans may have menstruation related diseases.