Sthana Bala

In Vedic astrology the planetary strengths are determined by 6 major Balas of Shad Bala. Sthan Bala is the first bala in Shad Bala. In this article we will discuss about the method of determining the strength of planets from Sthan Bala and how it is effective in Shadbala.

The name Sthana Bala suggests that the planets receive strength from their placement in the zodiac. The other significator like the movement, aspect of planet and house cusps are not important in this aspect.

According to astrology the Sthan Bala is sub-divided in to 5 parts. The combination of 5 sub-Balas forms the total Sthan Bala of a planet. The 5 balas are Uccha Bala, Saptavargh Bala, Diva Raatri Bala, Kendradi Bala and Dreshkon Bala. Let’s discuss the first 2 Balas i.e. the Uccha and Saptavargh Bala of the Sthan Bala.

Uccha Bala

Uccha Bala measures the strength a planet gains by the virtue of its placement in respect to its point of exaltation and debilitation. According to this bala when a planet is exalted it receives 1 Rupas and when it is debilitated it receives 0 Rupas. In all other positions it receives a score in proportion to its placement.

How to calculate the Uccha Bala:

Check where the planet is placed in respect to its debilitation point. This can be between 0 to 180 degrees. Divide this value by 3 to derive the Uccha bala in Virupas.


Sun is debilitated in Libra. Assume that the distance between the position of Sun and Libra is 120 degrees. Then the Uccha bala would be 120/3 = 40 virupas.


Saptavargh comes after the Uccha Bala. It is a collection of 7 Varghas. Though the 7 Varghs have same calculation but their valuations are different. The names of the 7 Balas are Rashi, Navamsha, Hora, Dreshkon, Saptamansh, Dwadashamansh and Trayodashamansh.

The strength of the place in which the planets are situated contributes in determining the Bala. Here is a chart which shows the place and strength of the planets on this basis:

Placement Strength
Moolatrikon 45
Own sign 30
Aadi Mitra 20
Mitra 15
Sama 10
Shatru 4
Aadi Shatru 2

According to mathematical astrology the highest value of Saptavargh is 45*7= 315. An important thing to notice is that in Saptavargh the calculation of bala is not fixed. The highest and lowermost points are not very important in Saptavargh bala. The situation of Moolatrikon is calculated from the placement of sign.

Day and Night bala

Day and night strength of planets is determined to know the strength of the location of planets on lord of the signs and navamsha. Feminine planets like Moon and Venus get 15 points when they are situated in an even sign and navamsha. Otherwise these planets get 0 points. The male planets like Sun, Mars and Jupiter are neutral and Mercury and Saturn get 15 points when they are situated on odd sign and navamsha. These planets obtain 0 points otherwise. Astrologer says that the calculation of sign and navamsha chart should be done separately because from that a planet gets the highest strength of 30 points.

For example, Moon is in the 1st house i.e. in Pisces where it gets 15 points as it is in an odd sign. navamsha also gets 15 points as it is in Capricorn, feminine sign. In this circumstance the day and night strength of planet will be of 30 points.

Kendradi bala

The kendradi bala is the 4th part of Sthan Bala. The strength of the planets in a kundli is determined by the kendradi bala. Its name suggests that it helps in calculating the strength of planets situated in centre house and cadent and succeedent houses.

According to Vedic astrology, the planets in center houses are the most powerful with 60 points. Planets that are in cadent houses gets 50% i.e. 30 points and the planets on succeedent houses get 15 points each. There is no distinction between male and female planets in kendradi bala.

The chart given below is of kendradi bala showing the planetary strength on houses.

Type House Strength
Centre house 1, 4, 7, 10 60
Succeedent houses 2, 5, 8, 11 30
Cadent houses 3, 6, 9, 12 15

Dreshkkan bala

Dreshkkan strength depends on the decanate of planets. Male planets like Sun, Mars and Saturn get 15 points in the 1st decanate. The female and neutral planets get 15 points in 2nd and 3rd decanate respectively.

Here we have given the dreshkkan bala chart which shows planetary strength on certain places.

Planets 0 to 10 degree 10 to 20 degree 20 to 30 degree
Sun, Mars, Jupiter 15 0 0
Moon, Venus 0 15 0
Mercury, Saturn 0 0 15

This is a deviation in the periodic friendship between planets. It is believed that the periodic friendship of planets is determined either by the position of signs of planets or from the calculation chart like Saptavargh, etc.