Slaughtered Planets in Lal Kitab and their Impact on Human Lives

Planets have friendship and animosity between them. When a planet comes in contact with an enemy planet, they will start fighting and hence get afflicted in the process. A planet then will then transfer its affliction on some other planet and the other planet also getting afflicted.This altogether another planet is afflicted without any reason. In astrology such a planet is also called slaughtered planet. To explain it in layman's language let us say two people are fighting and a bystander gets dragged unnecessarily into the fight. This bystander befits the position of the slaughtered planet.

According to the principles of slaughtered planets or Qurbani Ke Bakre in Lal Kitab, a planet when severely afflicted will cause friendly planets to give bad results too. The other planets then in principle become the slaughtered lambs, their auspicious impact is slaughtered by the afflicted planet. Let’s clarify this by an example. Suppose if Saturn is afflicted by the Sun, then Venus will give inauspicious results i.e Venus will become the Qurbani Ka Bakra or slaughtered planet in this situation. Thus, it is very normal if a planet consider the shelter of any other planets for its own protection.

How slaughtered planets give their results

Sun - When, Sun is afflicted it generates negative impact through Ketu.

Moon - An afflicted Moon can cast its negative influence either through Sun, Mars, or Jupiter.

Mars - Mars gets afflicted when the Sun is sitting in Sixth house and afflicts Mars sitting in the tenth house. Mars sheds its malefic nature through Ketu. In this case, the son will suffer badly.

Mercury - When Mercury is a clever planet, it has befriended Venus for its protection, if afflicted in a Kundali then the negative influence of Mercury is generated through Venus.

Jupiter - Jupiter also transfers its malefic nature through Ketu.

Venus - When Venus is afflicted its negative impact is generated by Moon.

Saturn - An afflicted Saturn when in a clash with the Sun transfers its affliction to the third planet. It will get rid of its negative influence through Venus.

Rahu and Ketu - These planets incorporate their negative impact on their own and objects related to them.

The Sun, Mars, and Jupiter generate negative impact through Ketu. Let’s clarify this by an example. Suppose a Kundali has an afflicted Jupiter then it will project its negative influence by establishing a relationship with Ketu. Ketu is the significator of Jupiter.An afflicted Jupiter in a Kundali shows its negative impact through Ketu.

For instance: if Jupiter is in the fifth house and Ketu is placed in any of the houses in a Kundali, then Jupiter will not affect the fifth house in any condition but will have a negative influence on the house in which Ketu is placed. Ketu as such is the significator of the 6th house of a Kundali and for this reason, the native may have problems with his or her maternal uncle.

Similarly, if a Kundali has an afflicted Venus then the planet will generate its negative influence through Moon. As a result, the native may have conflict with his/her mother or the mother may have ill health. Thus, in this article, we have seen how an afflicted planet for its own cause butchers its friendly planet.