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Slaughtered Planets in Lal Kitab and their Impact on Human Lives

According to the principle of Slaughtered Planets  or Qurbani ke bakre in Lal kitab, a planet when severly afflicted with cause planets friendly to it to give bad results too. The other planets then in principle become the lambs of slaughtered, their auspicious impact slaughtered by the afflicted planet.

Sun: - When Sun is afflicted it generates negative impact through Ketu.
Moon: - An afflicted Moon can cast its negative influence either through Sun, Mars, or Jupiter.
Mars: - When Mars is afflicted then it sheds its malefic nature through Ketu.
Mercury: - The negative influence of Mercury is generated through Venus.
Jupiter: - Jupiter also transfers its malefic nature through Ketu.
Venus: - When Venus is afflicted its negative impact is generated by Moon.
Saturn: - An afflicted Saturn gets rid of its negative influence through Venus. 
Rahu and Ketu: - These planets incorporate their negative impact by their own and objects related with them.  

The Sun, Mars and Jupiter generate negative impact through Ketu. Let’s clarify this by an example. Suppose a kundli has an afflicted Jupiter then it will project its negative influence by establishing a relationship with Ketu. Ketu is the significator of the 6th house of a kundli and for this reason the native may have problems with his or her maternal uncle. 
Similarly, if a kundli has an afflicted Venus then the planet will generate its negative influence through Moon. As a result the native may have problems with her mother or her mother may have an ill health. Thus, in this article we have seen that how an afflicted planet for its own cause butchers its friendly planet.