Significance of Vasya Koota in Marriage Match Making

In earlier times, this was a patriarchal society and the women were expected to follow the rules made by men. It is said that a man would subjugate a woman throughout her life. In her younger days she lived under her father, after her marriage she lived under the authority of the husband and in her old age, she was looked after by her sons.

Actually, this was a practice of previous ages now women are not subject to oppression. They have realized their abilities. They can walk shoulder to shoulder with men. In fact they can not only earn their livelihood but also easily fulfil their responsibilities towards family. As the social pattern is changing. This has brought about a change in old redundant principles and ideologies in many respects. In this article, we will discuss the relevance and utility of Vasya Koota in marriage matchmaking in the present social scenario.

Vedic astrology says that Vasya Koota matchmaking comes under the second category of Ashtkoota system. The term ‘Vashya’ means establishing control over another person. In ancient days Vasya Koota was used in determining whether a husband will have an influence on his wife or not. In this modern time, Vasya Koota is considered to check whether there will be a compatible and dedicated relationship between the couple or not. Let’s find out how Vasya Koota is used in marriage matchmaking.

According to astrological principles, there are various types of the Vashya sign which are as follows:

  1. Chatuspad (four legged): Those born in Aries and Taurus Rashis hind part of Sagittarius and front part of Capricorn fall under this category and except Leo, all other signs are controlled by human signs.
  2. Human or Dwipad (Biped): Those born in Gemini, Libra, Virgo, the front part of Sagittarius or Aquarius. Except for Leo, all other signs are under their control.
  3. Jalachar (water dweller): This sign is assigned if the birth Rashi is Pisces, Capricorn hind part Aquarius first half or Cancer. These signs are controlled by human signs.
  4. Vanchar (wild beast): When the Rashi is Leo.
  5. Keet(insect): If the Rashi is Scorpio

Vashya Gunbodhak Chakra

Astrology says that planets create compatibility and incompatibility as per their nature. If the Vashya Kootas of the two people who are considered for marriage are compatible, they will have a better marital accord.

Leo is the only sign which controls all other signs except Scorpio.

Points given for this matching are as per table

Girls Janam Rashi ↓ Boys Janam Rashi → Leo Scorpio Human Chatushpad Jalchar
Leo 2 0 0 0 0
Scorpio 0 2 1 1 1
Human 1.5 0 2 0 0
Chatushpad 1.5 1 1 2 1
Jalchar 1 1 1.5 1 2

A couple’s conjugal accord is determined through Vashya.

Conditions in which Dosha is not afflicted

  • If the Lord of the rashis is mutual friends.

  • If the Lord of the rashis is mutual friends.

  • If the Lord of the rashis is mutual friends.

  • If the Lord of the rashis is mutual friends.