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Significance of Samavartan Sanskar

After completing the long academic education a student receives heartiest welcome from his family when he comes back to home. His mother, father and other relatives convey their heartfelt wishes to him seeing him after a long time. Samavartan sanskar is an occasion which is done at this time by the family to mark a person’s graduation and entry into the new professional world.

This sanskar was traditionally performed when a student returned home after spending many years of education at the Gurukula.

Samavartan sanskar is a function which takes place when a student completes his academic education and returns home. The significance of this convocation is that a pupil has completed his educational and celibate life. In broader sense it means that a boy or a girl is now ready to step in the youth phase of life and can get married.

The ritual is started by offering Gurudakshina to the Guru and after that Guru provides the knowledge of family life and enlightens him with the facts and responsibilities of the material world. He has to give away all the belongings of his celibate life into flowing water.

Samavartan sanskar is a special moment in a person’s life. But in modern days it is not performed at the right time as a result it loses its significance. Now this sanskar is just a formality.