Significance of Pancha Pakshi Koota in Matching Compatibility

Boy or girl every one dreams about a happy married life and wishes their life partner to be compatible so that he or she gets a lovely family life after marriage. After marriage some lucky people finds their dreams come true and some fail to fulfill their dream.
The conjugal life of the unlucky persons remains chaotic and problematic. It seems that the sweet home is not sweet anymore but it has become a wrestling ground.
Why do problems crop up between a married couple even though they want their married life to be a happy one? Astrology says that in this physical world the planetary position creates a huge impact on human lives. The needs, desired and the drives of a person are determined. If he is matched with a partner who doesn’t understand the drives and the emotions of the person, there will be problems.
According to Vedic astrology a marriage should be fixed after considering the kundlis of both the boy and girl. If kundlis are not matched before marriage there is a possibility of incompatibility, enmity or negligence in their married life. The planets and nakshatras in their kundli may have enmity or bad relationship which might create negative influence in their married life and shatter all the happiness.
Astrology suggests matching the kundlis of boy and girl before getting married so that their married life is a happy and peaceful one. There are various types of vargas and kootas in a kundli from which astrologers predict the future married life of the couple.

In Sourth India marriage matching is done with the popular 20 kootas (bees koota).  Pakshi koota is one of the important 20 kootas. In this article we will discuss how astrologers predict the future married life by considering the pancha pakshi koota (five birds koota) on the basis of kundlis of the couples.

The pancha pakshi koota divides the zodiac into the classification of five birds namely Garud, Crow, Owl, Cock and Peacock. The nakshatra of a kundli are divided in these pancha pakshi varga. Let’s see the classification of nakshatras in these pakshi varga.

  1. Garud pakshi varga has Ashwani, Adra, Purvafalguni, Vishakha and Uttrasadha nakshatra.

  2. (pingal) pakshi varga has Varani, Punarbasu, Uttrafalguni, Anuradha and Shravan nakshatra.

  3. Cock (kukkut) pakshi varga possess Rohini, Ashlesha, Chitra, Mula and Shatavisha.

  4. Crow pakshi varga has nakshatra such as Krikita, Pushya, Hasta, Jyestha and Ghanistha whereas, the

  5. Peacock pakshi varga has Mrigashira, Magha, Swati, Purvasadha, Uttravadrapada, Purvavadrapada and Revati nakshatra.

From the distribution of nakshatras in the pancha pakshi varga it is clear that the first 4 pakshi varga has 5-5 nakshatra whereas the last pakshi varga has 7 nakshatra in it. It is very auspicious if the nakshatra of a couple falls under the same pakshi varga as the same varga will create a lovely relationship between the married couple.
In the same way it is inauspicious for the married couple to have nakshatra in different pakshi varga. In this situation the married life of a man and a woman may have incompatibilities.
In South India here are several other ways of distributing nakshatras in pakshi varga but the above discussed system is widely practiced.