Significance of Palm Colour

Palmistry is one of the most popular branches of divination. In this method of astrology predictions are made on the basis of body parts, skin colour and etc. palmistry got its name from the palms as it studies the characteristics of the palm such as shape, colour, lines and signs. In this article we will discuss the colour of the palm and the role it play in determining your destiny.

You may have consulted a palmist or have seen people going to a palmist to know about their future. You might have wondered how is it possible for a palmist to know about your future, health, character traits and qualities by simply observing the palm. According to palmistry the lines in the palms alone cannot provide accurate future predictions and information about your nature. To offer accuracy in future prediction, palmistry gives equal significance to the colour of palm and skin type of a native.

Let’s see how palm colour determines our traits. First observe your palm minutely then do the same with another person, you will see that your palm colour is a different than the other person’s palm colour. A Palmist predicts your future from the fate lines in the palm and tell about your health and character from the palm colour.

When the palm is yellow in colour

For instance if the colour of your palm is yellowish then it means that there is less blood in your body i.e. you may suffer from anemia and apart from this you may have selfishness in your character. According to palmistry if a native has yellowish palm it indicates that there might be a disease within the body. He or she might have a liver related disease. The yellow colour of the palm indicates the native’s short temper too.

If the a person’s hands are yellow in color, then this condition is not favorable. It shows a lack of luck too. The person with yellow palm is weak from health point of view. Yellow hands can also be construed as symptoms of diseases such as deficiency of blood and anemia in the body. This may makes the person lazy. They do not feel like doing anything and stay away from work. Similarly if the color of a person's palm is yellow, then it is not auspicious. Yellow palm indicates weakness. There is a high susceptibility to various types of diseases.

The person may get worried over small small things. Irritability can also be high. The person is also very dependent on others. Before starting any work their mind is filled with doubt and negative thinking.

When the palm is red in colour

If some parts of the palm appear reddish then it means he or she may have problems related with blood pressure. It also reflects the personality of the natives who lose their temper on little issues. If the palm colour is very red it means that the native is very aggressive. He simply cannot control his anger and even go to the extent of fighting. The deep red colour of the palm indicates that the native may suffer from a nerve related disease in his life.

In some people’s hands red colour is more prominent than others, their palms also have a red touch. Those who have red palms may have excessive anger, it indicates high blood pressure and high blood pressure status. If the palm has redness and it is shiny and smooth, then this condition shows auspiciousness. This positivity is an indicator of financial prosperity for the person. These people may also get annoyed about small things soon.

People with red palms may be at a good post. At times they may work very hard whereas on other occasions they may run away from work. The person may be emotionally impatient and may even make mistakes because of stubborness. Emotionally, they may get angry over small small things. There is a lot of inconsistency in their thinking so they keep changing their decisions. ऎसे में स्थिति के अनुरुप ढल भी जल्द ही जाते हैं.

A person with red hands attains respect from the society and his decisions are understood and heard by others. The person will have abundant prosperity and happiness. He will be able to enjoy all the material pleasures of the world. The red palms indicate good health but if it is excessive then it may be problematic. There may be problems related to health.

When the palm is Pink in colour

If the palms have a deep pink shade then it means the person will be blessed with happiness and will attain respect. He will be supported by his friends. He may attain a very position for all the work done by him, this will give his life a positive direction.

The person may be happy go lucky and will be completely absorbed within himself. The person will keep himself occupied in good activities. Many a times because of being short tempered the person may get distant from others but it is very easy to appease them. The pink colour of the hands also indicate good health. The person will not have stable thought process.

The people with pink palm are reliable. Relation with the family will also be good. They prefer staying cordially with family. They try and stay away from debates, avoid making hasty decisions and they make sure they decide their course of action only after adequate thinking.

When the palm is White in colour

White colour of the hands is not good. Such a person will tend to get angry easily, will feel tired and will have a lot of mental stress. There will be lack of enthusiasm in them. They will not do any task with interest. They will stay lonely. Since they are restless in nature they will be occupied by their own set of thoughts.

Their financial position will not be up to the mark. Many a times they may end up taking loan and this may lead to trouble. Spiritually they are mysterious. They face many ups and downs in life. But they will find support by one or the other. They prefer to stay in peace.

When the palm is Blue in colour

Bluish palm means the blood movement is slow in the body of the native. The native might have a sluggish nature. When the color of the palm is blue, the person is more involved in mental stress and serious things. The person not be able to lead a good life and will not able to work properly as he or she desires.

When the palm is Black in colour

If the palm is blackish then this condition shows negativity and indicates a life full of struggle. There will be a lot of conflict in life. The person may not find peace of mind anywhere. He or she may also have many health problems. The person will have a tendency to fight and will get not get along with people.

It is not necessary that the color of a person's palm always remain the same. Many a times, the decline in a person’s health can be judged initially from the colour of palms. Inadequate blood circulation in the body or any kind of negative impact on a person’s body will lead to a change in colour of hands.

Ensure that you keep an eye on the changes in the colour of your hands. On several occasions, if we keep these things in mind the situation can be turned into our favour. As per Palmistry among all the different palm colours the pink palms are the best for both human nature as well as health.