Siddha Yoga Gives Profit and Guarantees Success

In Astrology which is a Pratayaksha Shastra, every technique is unique and based on astronomical calculations.Muhurat is one such part of Astrology which enables us to know the auspicious or inauspicious timings for doing any important work.

The Yogas that are favorable for native are called auspicious Yogas and those which are not favorable are called inauspicious yogas. This appropriate time selection depends on the basic five components of Panchang. These are:

1) Tithi
2) Nakshatra
3) Vaar
4) Yoga
5) Karna.

Apart from these the solar and lunar month and the sign rising in the eastern horizon or ascendant are considered to select a good Muhurat.

Yogas are formed by the permutations and combinations of different parts of Panchanga. Yoga is an important component of Muhurat after Tithi, Vaar, and Nakshatra. The lunar day is from one sunrise to the next day sunrise. Good yogas enhance the strength of Muhurat while bad Yogas prove to be disastrous for the activity undertaken during that time.

In this article, we will discuss Siddha Yoga which is created by the combination of weekday from Sunday to Saturday and lunar Tithi. It does not matter if it is in Krishna Paksha or Shukla. Let us first know how Siddha Yoga is formed:

  • Siddha Yoga is formed by the combination of Fridays and Nanda Tithi i.e. Pratipada, Shashthi or Ekadashi. This is a very auspicious combination.

  • Siddha Yoga is formed by the combination of Wednesdays and Bhadra Tithi i.e, 2nd, 7th, or 12th Tithi.

  • Combination of Jaya Tithi i.e. 3rd, 8th or 13th day and Tuesdays make a very auspicious Siddha Yoga.

  • Combination of Saturdays and Rikta Tithi i.e. 4th, 9th or 14th also create Siddha Yoga.

  • In astrology, the Purna Tithi is comprises of 5th, 10th, New and Full Moon days. Combination of Purna Tithi and Thursdays also create an auspicious Siddha Yoga.

Astrologers say that the Siddha Yoga is very auspicious for performing tasks. As the name suggest Siddha Yoga means, any work undertaken during this time will have a positive outcome. Works, plans and projects performed in a Siddha Yoga give profit and instant results to the native. You can consult a Panchang and find out when the Siddha Yoga is formed on the basis of the above parameters, and start your projects during this period to achieve maximum results.

However, along with the combination of Tithi and weekday, there are certain other things which should be checked along with Siddha yoga. A person who wants to perform an auspicious work on this Yoga should check his/her favorable ascendant, Nakshatra which is also very important to carry out the job. Position of the moon, combustion or retrograde motion of planets, especially Jupiter and Venus need to be checked. Jupiter is the most benevolent planet and its presence in a Muhurat is of immense value.

Similarly, there are other positive Yogas formed in the day which can be used to enhance auspiciousness.These are Amrit Siddhi Yoga, Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga, and Ravi Yoga. Negative Yogas like Panchak, Vish Yoga, Holashtak, Kakrach etc. must be avoided.