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Siddha Yoga Gives Profit and Guarantees Success

The yogas that are favorable for native are called auspicious yogas and which are not favourable are called inauspicious yogas.

In this article we will discuss about Siddhayoga which is created by the combination of weekday and tithi. Let us first know how Siddhayoga is formed.

  • 1. Siddayoga is formed by the combination of Fridays and Nanda tithi i.e, pratipada, shashthi or ekadashi. This is a very auspicious combination.
  • 2. Siddha Yoga is formed by the combination of Wednesdays and Bhadra tithi i.e, 2nd, 7th, or 12th tithi.
  • 3. Combination of Jaya tithi i.e. 3rd, 8th or 13th day and Tuesdays make a very auspicious Siddhayoga.
  • 4. Combination of Saturdays and Rikta tithi i.e. 4th, 9th or 14th tithi also creates Siddhayoga.
  • 5. In astrology the Purna tithi is comprised of 5th, 10th, New and Full Moon days. Combination of Purna tithi and Thursdays also create the auspicious Siddhayoga.

Astrologers say that the Siddhayoga is very auspicious for performing good works. Works, plans and projects performed in a Siddhayoga give profit and instant results to the native. You can consult a Panchang to discover when the Siddha yoga is formed, and start your projects during this period to achieve maximum results.

Similarly, there are other positive yogas formed in the day which can be used to enhance auspiciousness. The negative yogas like Panchak, etc., must be avoided.