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Scorpio Natives are Responsible and Dedicated

Scorpio is the 8th sign of the Zodiac and is the lord of the north direction. It is a female sign and water element is prominent in this sign. Mars is the lord of Scorpio.
Astrology says that there is no exalted planet in Scorpio. Natives of Scorpio have stable nature. They continuously think over a matter, they fix their goal and act in that direction. They follow their own rules and regulations.
Scorpio natives are energetic and vivid. Their hard work and dedication is the distinguishing feature in their character. They love to work speedily. They simply don’t have a dilly dallying nature. Natives born in Scorpio sign are responsible to their duties whether it is related to their family or profession.
Their responsible attitude makes them a dear person amongst their close ones. They are far sighted people and can also penetrate deep in to a person’s mind. Scorpio natives are also known for their revenging nature. No enemy can be safe from their hands as they rest only after taking revenge.
The special quality of the Scorpio natives is that they finish a task in any condition. They engage their full effort in completing the assigned task in adverse situation until they win. The key to the success in their life is their dedication and hard labour. 
It is very difficult to understand their activity because it is really very tough to follow their way of thinking. They love to surprise people with their performance. It is because they are revolutionary and have the capability to change a conventional setting of society.
Astrology says that Scorpio natives may get success in academic subjects like civil engineering, agriculture, engineering, management, law, surgery, pharmacy, literature, secretary field, and sports. The above stated fields are favorable for the natives born in Scorpio sign.
Astrology also points out some profitable professions for the natives of Scorpio. These are surgeon, police, army, science and technology, chemist, pharmacy, civil engineering, detective, mechanical engineering and tea or coffee related business.
The natives of Scorpio may have health problems related with neck, kidney, reproductive organs etc. women may have menstruation problem. So, they should be careful about these health problems.