Sade Sasati of Saturn: 7 1/2 Years of Testing Under Fire

People are afraid of Saturn and especially during seven and a half period of transit of Saturn over the Moon sign. However, there is nothing of this sort as Saturn is purely following its duty of the judgment of one’s Karmas and delivers results accordingly.If you have done good Karmas, then results delivered by Saturn transit will be good.

Saturn is a saintly planet and great teacher. Its impact is decided purely on the basis of our Karmas. It cleanses us and teaches us to adopt the path of truth and spirituality and tries to free us from the cycle of birth and death.

Saturn makes its presence felt during the Sade Saati period, i.e the period when Saturn passes over the twelfth, first and second houses from the natal moon sign. This is called Sade Saati period of Saturn's transit. This period lasts for almost seven and a half years, for example, if the Moon is placed in the birth chart in Libra sign then when Saturn enters Virgo sign in transit, Saturn’s Sade Satti starts and lasts till it crosses the Scorpio sign. Since Saturn remains in one sign for two and a half years, it takes seven and a half year to cross these three signs. These three periods are also called rising, peak and setting of Sade Saati.

The Sade Saati transit of Saturn makes the person struggle and work hard just like a jeweler makes Kundan from gold under fire. Moon is the Karak of mind and the mental status of the person and Saturn is the planet which dispenses painful justice to the native for the Karma in his/her many births.

The Moon turns into a soft heart and Saturn turns into a heavy stone in the period of Sade Saati. The affliction of Saturn is just like a load of heavy-stone on the soft-heart of the native. That is why the period of Sade Saati may seem catastrophic to several people.

Every person has a different capacity to face problems. Some will burn in the testing-fire and others will reach new heights of achievements in their lives. People who are not able to face the challenges may be overcome by them and live a sad life.

Saturn effects different signs differently, like it may give benefic results for Capricorn, Aquarius, Taurus, and Libra ascendants. This is because Saturn owns the quadrants and trines in these signs and friendly signs. For Leo ascendants, Saturn is a bitter enemy and may give malefic results.

The impact of Sade Saati will also depend on the position of Saturn in a birth horoscope. Sade Satti impacts different parts of life. If Saturn was benefic at the time of birth then the person may achieve success in his life during the Sadesati of Saturn. If Rajyoga or Dhanyoga is present in the birth-chart then possibilities of benefic results will increase during Sade Saati.

Any isolated planet transit cannot give results and is not able to cause any incident, but it can increase or decrease the benefic results according to the situation at the time of birth that's why Sade Saati will be good if Saturn is benefic in the birth chart.

According to Jyotish Shastra, when Shani Deva is in the last phase of the sign or in the middle between 20 degrees to 30 degrees then there will be an increase in benefic results, but not all through the period. That's why people who are under the impact of Sade Satti do not necessarily have problems during the entire period of Sade Saati.

If Saturn is placed in its malefic position at the time of birth but the transit of Saturn is resulting into benefic outcome, then too the malefic effects would decrease. If Saturn has malefic effects in the birth chart and if it is not in a good position in the transit then the result will be malefic, but if Saturn is in the retrograde state then it changes the results.

If people do not think about the malefic results of the Sade Saati of Saturn and instead think about the positive impact of this phase they can achieve much more because, ‘fortune favors the brave’.