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Sade Sasati of Saturn: 7 1/2 Years of Testing Under Fire

The Sade Saati transit of Saturn makes the person struggle and work-hard just like a jeweler makes Kundan from gold under fire. Moon is the Kaarak of mind and mental status of the person and Saturn is the planet which dispenses painful justice to the native for the karma in his many births.

Moon becomes the soft heart and Saturn becomes the hard stone in the period of Sadesati of Saturn. Similarly, affliction of Saturn is just like a load of hard-stone on the soft-heart of the native. That is why the period of Sadesati may seem full of calamity to may people.

Every person has a different capacity to face problems. Some will burn in the testing-fire and others will read new heights of achievements in their lives. People who are not able to face the challenges may be overcome by them and live a sad life.

Sade Saati of Saturn affects different parts of life. If Saturn was benefic at the time of birth then the person may achieve success in his life during the Sadesati of Saturn. If Rajyoga or Dhanyoga is present in the birth-chart then possibilities of benefic results will increase during Sade Saati.

Any isolated planet transit cannot give results and is not able to cause any incident, but it can increase or decrease the benefic results according to the situation at the time of birth that's why Sadesati will be good if Saturn is benefic in the birth chart.

According to Jyotish shastra, when Shani Deva is in the last phase of the sign or in the middle between 20 degree to 30 degrees then there will be an increase in benefic results, but not all through the period. That's why people who are suffering from Sadesati do not have problems during the entire period of Sadesati.

If Saturn is placed in its malefic position at the time of birth but the transit of Saturn is in a position to give benefic results, then too the malefic effects would decrease. If Saturn has a malefic effect in the birth chart and if it is not in a good position in the transit then the result will be malefic, but if Saturn is in the retrograde state then it changes  the results.

If people do not think about the malefic results of the Sade Saati of Saturn and instead think about the positive happenings they can achieve much more, because the fortune favors the brave.