Ruby and Coral Boost Energy and Intelligence in Human Nature

Gems are the wonders of nature. They are very beautiful and have a composite structure. Gems are found in various colors and shapes. Gems are known as ‘Navaratna’ in Astrology. This is because the gemstones are related to the 9 planets or ‘Navagraha’. There are many types of gems throughout the world but Indian astrology has approved 84 types of gems.

The features of Ruby

Ruby is a red-colored gemstone. It is also called Manik But ruby can be of pink, blue and black color also. After diamond Ruby is the second hardest gem of the world,.

A pure ruby scatters its red glow when the sun rays fall on it. To determine finest ruby, dip it in milk for 100 times and you should be able to see the radiance of ruby emerging from the milk itself. When kept in a dark room it blazes like Sun. An interesting fact about ruby is that even if rubbed with a stone its weight remains the same.

Benefits of wearing Ruby

Ruby is the gemstone of love. Astrologers say that ruby generates liveliness and spark in human nature. It casts away despair and gloominess of character. Ruby is effective in safeguarding a person from evil spirits. Ruby enhances financial stability and assures recognition in the society.

Vedic astrology recommends wearing a ruby for success, growth in business, social status and self confidence. It can also fulfill a native’s desire of a son. According to astrological principles Ruby can be worn depending upon the placement of the Sun in a horoscope. If a person’s Sun is weak, they are suggested to wear Ruby especially for Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces ascendants.

Ruby fades or changes its color when inauspiciousness afflicts its native but it gradually regains its color after the bad phase is over. Ruby is so effective that it lessens the impact of poison and becomes pale when there is a poisonous thing nearby.

Ruby should be embedded in Gold. It should be embedded in the ring finger of the working han. One can wear it on Sunday morning after taking a bath and chanting the Mantra “Aum Ghrini Suryay Namah” 108 times.

The features of Coral

Corals are basically found under the sea and are red in color. It’s common name is Moonga. It is an opaque gemstone.It is associated with the planet Mars. All the same pink, golden and black corals also. This is a very lucky gem stone, especially for females. This auspicious gem generates courage and free spirit in the nature of its natives. Ancient Greeks used to wear Coral made ornaments. Wearing a Coral stone enhances the energy level of the person.

Benefits of wearing Coral

According to popular belief it is very auspicious for females to sport Coral on their body. Coral is the embodiment of luck and prosperity. People who are troubled by nightmares and get frightened now and then should keep Coral with them. Astrology says that anative who has weak Mars must wear Coral as it will relieve him or her from many difficulties. It is said that Coral too fades or changes its shades when a native suffers from disease and regains its color when the native is healthy.

The usefulness of Coral is found in ancient Buddhist religious scriptures too. It says that Corals are very effective in curing mental illness and also developing mental ability of its natives. As per Vedic astrology, Coral stone activates the properties of Mars. Mars rules blood and immune system. It is also significator of marriage, children and career. Those involved in agriculture and property related fields will benefit by wearing Coral stone .

The Coral stone should be worn on Tuesday morning. It should be embedded in gold, silver or copper and should be worn in the ring finger while chanting the Mantra “Aum Krim Kum Kujaya Namah”.This Mantra should be repeated 108 times.