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Relevance of Lal Kitab in Modern Times

Astrology has various systems to make predictions. In every branch of astrology there are remedial methods for debilitated planets such as remedy by gem stones. In Vedic astrology stress has been given on donation, worshipping, chanting mantra, yajna and fasting.

Though Vedic astrology is religiously righteous but as the remedies take time and require knowledge and are thus out of reach of common people. Only a  learned person can perform the remedies.

Lal Kitab is another branch of astrology which is widely practiced in India. In it remedies of planets and other celestial bodies are given in a simple way. A person can perform these remedies without any specialised help.

A lal-kitab remedy should be performed by the native for 40 to 43 days or for 40 to 43 weeks. The remedial process doesn’t require any mantra but for 40 to 43 days one has to throw things related with the afflicted planet into flowing water or can bury the the object in the forest. In these ways a person can achieve success in his or her task without strenuous effort.

The thing that is either buried in land or thrown into water is usually not much expensive.  That is why Lal Kitab is becoming popular day by day for its simple, low cost and effective remedies.

The long method of 40 to 43 days of regular remedy has a limitation as a miss in the remedial process means the native has to start from the beginning. Except this shortcoming Lal Kitab has proven very beneficial to the common people.

Lal Kitab remedies are also known as totka in common language. There is no requirement of special norms to perform a totka except the remedial procedure of 40 to 43 days. 

Another feature of Lal Kitab for is that it is open to the people of all castes, creeds and religions.  Lal Kitab has Banawati planet which are formed by the combination of two planets and has the influence of a separate planet. This is also a unique feature of Lal Kitab.

If there is an afflicted planet in the kundli Lal Kitab provides remedy for the Banawati planet through which negative result of the afflicted planet can be reduced. Lal kitab remedy is also convenient for women because unlike Vedic remedial method it has no sanctity obligations. Thus everyone can easily perform lal kitab remedies