Rajju Varga in Marriage Match Making

Marriage is an integral part of human life. Marriage is not just an occasion but it is a symbol of promise, faith, responsibility and love between two people. Parents are concerned about their children’s marriage. Vedic astrology considers ‘Kanya Daan’ as a virtuous deed.

Kundali matching before solemnizing a marriage is practiced in our Indian society. Parents and guardians consult astrologers to match the Kundalis of the boy and the girl. The positive and negative factors of birth charts are assessed. Based on the birth charts the astrologer determines if ‘Gunas’ of both the Kundalis match.

According to South Indian astrological method, matching of Kundalis for marriage is determined by the 20 Koota (Bees Koota). Rajju Varga is one of the 20 Kootas. In this article, we will discuss how predictions are done and what are the ways of obtaining predictions from the Rajju Varga.

What is Rajju Varga

In South Indian astrological method there are two ways of ascertaining Rajju Varga. In the first principle, three Shivlings are made and four lines are stretched on them. Then from the north-west direction, all Nakshatra is placed in its right side. While analyzing a bride’s Kundali if her birth Nakshatra is in the same line as her groom then it is inauspicious. This situation in her Kundali may create adjustability issues with husband.

In the second principle, three Nakshatras are placed for three times on three fingers starting from the index to the ring finger of a hand. While considering the Nakshatra of a couple if it is seen that the Nakshatra is in the same place then it is inauspicious for them. It is very inauspicious if the placement of the Nakshatra are in the central line.

How Rajju Varga is determined.

There are several astrological methods through which Rajju Varga can be determined. Amongst them, Paanch Naari Chakra method is also practiced to judge Rajju Varga. There are five types of Rajju Varga named as Padarajju, Ururajju, Nabhirajju, Kantharajju, and Shirorajju.

How Rajju Vargha influences

Every Rajju has a distinct influence on the Paanch Rajju. Astrology says that if both the man’s and the woman’s Nakshatra is in Padha Rajju then the wife has to face separation from her husband because he may have to stay abroad. If the couple’s Nakshatra is in Ooru Rajju then there may be a possibility of wastage of wealth in their life.

If both partners have their Nakshatra in Nabhi Rajju then they may have to face adverse circumstance from their child. Kantharaju is very dangerous for girls. If the bride and groom’s Nakshatra are in Kantharaju then the life of the bride may be at risk. Similarly the groom’s life may be endangered if the couple’s Nakshatra is in Shirorajju.

The auspicious state in Paanch Rajju is then when the bride and groom’s Nakshatra falls in separate Rajju, which results in a happy married life. In this cycle, if the husband’s Nakshatra is higher than the wife’s Nakshatra then the couple is blessed with a long life. That means the couple will enjoy the fruits of their married life for a long period.