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Planetary Collision in Lal Kitab

In this kundli Moon is situated in the Ascendant and Jupiter is in the 8th house. In this circumstance Moon will cast its negative influence on the Jupiter because these 2 planets have the colliding aspect with each other. This combination is also forming between Sun and Mars.
If we analyze through natural aspects we see that moon and Jupiter, Sun and Mars are friendly planets. But in this principle of Lal Kitab, these planets lose their friendly nature. Here the planetary collision may create malefic result in the life of a native.
If we notice in Vedic astrology the planets positioned in the 6th and 8th houses make Shadhastak combination. This combination gives negative results to the native. Shadashtak yoga is less malefic in friendly planets whereas the same gives very dangerous results in enemy planet combination.
But Lal Kitab has no such principle like Vedic astrology. In Lal Kitab planets in 6th and 8th house have colliding aspect and cast negative results on each other irrespective of any friendly or enmity between them.