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Pisces Makes its Natives Intuitive and Knowledgeable

Pisces is a feminine sign which is of the water element. It is the 12th i.e. the final sign in the zodiac. Jupiter rules over this sign and that’s why the natives of Pisces sign have direct influence of Jupiter in their life. In this article we will discuss about the characteristics of the Pisceans.

Pisces is the lord of the north direction. Venus is exalted and Mercury is debilitated in this sign. Astrologers say that the Pisces are dual natured people and cannot stick to a particular thing for a long time. They are in dilemma most of the time but surprisingly they take the right decision in the final moments. Though they are restless and seek changes in life they are good in determining a situation and utilize the resources available from it. An important quality of their nature is their skill in planning and making new strategies

The natives of Pisces are very intelligent and have a sharp mind. They are intuitive and perceptive. They get the natural grace of god due to their ability of insight and urge for cosmic knowledge. Their senses are very strong and for this reason they can expect the unexpected things about to take place in their surroundings and surprise people by perfect prediction of the future.

These people are highly imaginative. They are sympathetic to the poor and disabled people.  These people do humanitarian works and are generous in helping others. Their sympathy to others is not confined in words alone but they genuinely stretch their hands and serve the needed ones.

They are decent people with refined taste. They are peace loving and stay away from chaos. They are quite affable and love their work. The Pisceans are known for their stoic nature in hard times. Their friends are good and supportive to them. Some of their friendship stays for a life time. They are usually wealthy people but believe in simplicity. They are content people who don’t have many desires and wishes in life. They are not very materialistic people but feel a close affinity with spiritualism. Luxury and indolence are remote things in their life as they are drowned in the likeness of their work.

According to the Vedic astrology the Pisceans may find a profitable career in subjects like economics, commerce, electricity, engineering, industrial instruments, Ph.D, philosophy and yoga.  The posts of advisor, financer, teacher, politician, astrologer, lawyer, and municipality are favorable for them. They may achieve success and rise to fame if they take these subjects and profession in their life.

Astrology has said about the general health of the Pisceans. They may have heart, intestine, dropsy problem, pain in legs and palms. Their usual strong memory power is affected due to several diseases they may face in their life. So they should take precautions of these organs of their body.