Parts of Panchang-Karana

Panchang is the Indian calendar popularly used by astrologers. A panchang is widely used in determining auspicious and inauspicious time as it indicates positions of planets and nakshatras along with their influences on human lives. The Panchang literally means five-parts. The parts are Rashi, Nakshatra, Tithi, Yoga, Karana. In this article we will discuss Karana.

Astrology says that a yoga is formed by the combination of 2 Karanas thus a Karana is made from half yoga. In total there are 11 Karanas.

1. Bav Karana

People born in this Karana are religious and like to be involved in sacred tasks. They are honest and believe in giving their best to any work that’s assigned to them. They keep their distance from illegal and impious activities. They have a sharp brain and are firmly grounded to reality. That’s why do not take flights of fancy. They are respected and loved for their qualities by everybody.

2. Balav

Like the previous Karana this also gives a religious nature to the native. Persons born in this Karana may do pilgrimage and spend a large part of their life doing religious activities. They are well-educated and  lead a very successful life.

3. Kaulav

Person born in this Karana are very sociable. This Karana gives its natives some of the finest qualities like love and caring. Their friends circle is really very big and the native usually gets favours from his or her friends. These people have a very strong self-esteem and no matters what happens they do not bow down before others.

4. Taitil Karana

People born in this Karana are very fortunate. They have an affluent life and become an owner of buildings and assets. Love has a vital role in their life and perhaps this is the reason they treat people impartially.

5. Gar

Astrology says that native of Gar Karana are hard working. They believe in their ability not fate. They achieve their desired objective by hard work and labour. People of this Karana are proficient in agricultural and domestic works.

6. Vanij

Natives of this Karana are intelligent. It is seen that they have a keen interest in business and take this vocation for earning livelihood. They love to travel and may have to travel a lot for business purposes. Their intelligence is basically business oriented.

7. Vishti

In astrology the Vishti Karana is not considered auspicious. This Karana cast its malefic nature on the native due to which the native might have a suspicious character. They may engage in immoral activities. The striking quality of the natives of this Karana is that they can go to the extreme to take revenge on their enemy.

8. Shakuni

Natives of this Karana are the followers of law and justice. They are very prudent in resolving conflicts. That means they can be very proficient in dismissing a quarrel with their intelligence. They take interest in medicine and may become a doctor or a physician.

9. Chatushpad

This Karana imparts religious inclinations to its natives. People born in this Karana respect learned people and serve animals. They are normally very fond of animals and know how to treat animals with medicine. They can become successful veterinary doctors.

10. Nag

Astrology regards this Karana as an inauspicious one. People born in this Karana may be have unfortunate incidents. Their life may be full of conflicts and difficulties. They will get results only through hard work and effort, and not through luck. People of Nag Karan are usually very impatient.

11. Kimstughna

Natives of this Karana are very fortunate. They aggressively pursue humanitarian work. They will get every type of happiness in their life. They also receive quality education and lead a prosperous life.