Numerology as an Astrological Method

Astrology has many branches and Numerology is one of the branches of astrology which is widely practiced throughout the world. Basically astrology is based on the planetary influence on human lives. Numerology says that for every planet there is a number that means a particular number is actually the representative of a particular planet!

As for instance number 1 represents Sun, number 2 Moon and number 9 Mars. The numbers are taken from 1 to 9 only as there are 9 planets.  0 is not included in Numerology for predictive purposes. Thus every planet represents a number which makes this predictive method very special and unique.

Western numerology considers Neptune and Uranus as the eighth and ninth planet apart from the remaining 7 planets. But Indian numerology says that Rahu and Ketu are the eighth and ninth planets. That is why numerological predictions vary in Western and Indian astrology.

Now we will discuss the working procedures of numerology. Though there are many numbers that play an important role in numerology in this article we will stress the root number and destiny number.

The day number of person’s birth date is called the root number. For example if he is born on 2nd July, his root number will be 2. Similarly, if one’s birth date is 14th September his root number will be 1+4=5. The root number is obtained by adding the birth date digits and if the result is more than 9 then 9 is subtracted to get a single digit, viz the person’s root number.

There is also another number called the destiny number. This number can be changed. Destiny number is the number obtained by adding together the numerological; values of the characters in a person’s name. For instance, a person named Raman will have destiny number 4 which is obtained from R=2, M=4, A=1, and N=5=2+1+4+1+5=13=1+3=4.

A person can modify his destiny number and get favorable results by adding or subtracting the numerological values of his name characters. There is a direct relationship of destiny number with the root number. As root number is fixed it reflects the character of the person and destiny number plays a vital role in balancing the former.

A native’s destiny number is behind the ups and downs of his life. For example if we want to pursue our career in a city, we have to first find out the shubha anka of that city and then compare with our destiny number. If the values of the two numbers have friendly relation and good balancing then it indicates that the city will be favorable for you whereas contrasting numbers point to adverse condition in the city.

In such circumstances if we already know the negative possibilities of the city we can cancel that city and chose another one. Another thing we can do is organize our name in such a way that it perfectly matches the shubh anka of the city. This is the simplest way to gain positive results.

In this way numerology helps us to gain positive results reducing problems of our life.