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Natives of Pushya are Generous and Hard Working

Saturn is the lord of Pushya nakshatra. Let’s see the impacts on the nature of the natives born under the Poshya nakshatra. Indian astrology says that Pushya is an auspicious nakshatra, perhaps the best nakshatra after evaluating its qualities. The word ‘Pushya’ means nourishment, which means that its natives are blessed with some finest and refined qualities. Combination of Pushya yoga and Sundays forms an auspicious Ravi-Pushpa yoga.
The natives of Pushya nakshatra are very helping, as if they have dedicated their life for serving others. Perhaps they have a difficult early life, a problematic childhood which has incorporated patience and wisdom in their nature, as a result they become responsible adults.
Poshya nakshatra natives are hard working in nature. They are dedicated to their work, especially to religious and spiritual duties. They might have playful character .They are attracted to opposite sex. They love to travel and explore.
A native of Poshya nakshatraa may undertake a profession related to travel or he/she may go away from his family to earn livelihood. They make a slow but successful career in either business or service by their hard work and sincerity.
Hard work and dedication are the assets of their character. They are friendly and make useful contacts in the society. They value money and do not spend much in unnecessary things.
They lead a controlled life and think twice before performing a job. Perhaps they are very systematic and stay satisfied blindly following the confined notions. The beautiful attributes of their nature are their helping attitude and unselfish thoughts. They help others without any selfish motive. They always give.
The natives of Pushya nakshatra give prominence to justice and truth in their life. They don’t deviate from the path of truth even in adverse circumstances. And if it happens they get depressed and sorrowful. They don’t allow laziness to dominate them. They are fast movers, quick learners and do multiple things at a time.