Natives of Pushya are Generous and Hard Working

Pushya Nakshatra is the eighth Nakshatra in number out of a total of twenty-seven Nakshatras. Its placed in Cancer sign from three degrees and twenty minutes to sixteen degrees and forty minutes. It’s Lord is Saturn.

Meaning of Pushya is a flower, nourisher and the best. Its regarded as the King of Nakshatras because of the qualities attached to it. Natives of this Nakshatra belong to the Deva Gana and their deity is Brihaspati, the teacher of Devas.

Let’s see the characteristics of the natives born under the Pushya Nakshatra. Indian star divination says that Pushya is an auspicious Nakshatra associated with nurturing. In fact it is perhaps the best Nakshatra after evaluating its qualities. The word ‘Pushya’ means nourishment, which means that the natives are blessed with some of the most refined and finest qualities. Combination of Pushya Nakshatra with Sundays forms an auspicious Yoga the Ravi-Pushpa Yoga.

The natives born in this Nakshatra are happy, respected, stable minded and possess good looks. They are emotionally weak. They are generous and hard working. They are not good at decision making. They like appreciation which satisfies their ego but will never appreciate others. They are self centered and seldom get emotionally attached with anyone. They have a few but good friends. On the positive side, they have great will power and once they decide to achieve something, they will do anything to get success in that. They achieve great success in whatever field they chose because they are honest and hard working. They are dedicated to their work.

The natives of Pushya Nakshatra are born to serve. Their lives are largely dedicated to others. Perhaps they had a troublesome youth, or a problematic childhood which has incorporated patience and wisdom in their nature, as a result, they become responsible adults.

They are dedicated especially to religious and spiritual duties. They may have a playful character. They are attracted to the opposite sex. They love to travel and explore.

A native of Pushya Nakshatra could undertake a profession associated with travel. They are likely to earn to support family. They progress slowly yet steadily in their career. They climb up the ladder in either business or service by their hardwork and sincerity.

They are friendly and create helpful contacts within society. They value money and do not spend much on unnecessary things They lead a controlled life and think twice before performing a job. They're terribly systematic and keep happy blindly following the confined notions. They help others without any selfish motive. They always give.

The natives of Pushya Nakshatra give paramount importance to justice and truth in their life. They don’t deviate from the trail of truth even in adverse circumstances. If for some reason they are forced to be dishonest, they will get depressed and dolorous. They don’t allow laziness to dominate them. They are fast movers, quick learners and do multiple things at a time. Another plus point is that they will resist any move which is not within the law of the land. They have the opinion that all wrongdoers should be punished which is the inherent nature of the Lord of Pushya which is Saturn.

Pushya natives face a lot of problems in family life and it takes them time to settle down.

Since they go through a rough childhood, they become quite conservative and will not spend money unnecessarily on items which they find of no use. They nurture a strong will to become rich and would like to support their family members and those who are close. They are honest in maintaining relations especially with immediate family members like mother, spouse, and children.

They are very emotional and being a water sign face a lot of health problems in the early part of their life. They have a lot of mood swings, which makes it difficult for others to understand them. They are weak in expressing their ideas and inner feelings even to their near and dear ones. They open up slowly.

They suffer from diseases like jaundice, tuberculosis, skin diseases and gastric problems and problems of nervousness. Pushya natives are multifaceted but their strength lies in arts, theater, acting, and music because of their emotional nature.