Natives of Purvasadha Nakshatra are Optimistic and Zesty

Purvashada Nakshatra placed in Sagittarius sign from thirteen degrees twenty minutes to twenty-six degrees and forty minutes. Venus is the Lord of this Nakshatra. It belongs to Manushya Gana. Its element is air. They have an impact of Venus in their character.

Honesty is one thing that distinguishes the natives of Purvashada from others. Their natural personality is very compassionate and sincere. They are caring and loving to people they come in contact with. They are loved and honored in society for these warm qualities.

The natives of Purvashada are optimistic and keep their heads high even in adverse circumstances. They try to stay happy and satisfied in their life.The natives of this Nakshatra are blessed and lucky, and have a feeling of support towards everyone. Due to this, they are famous among people.

The natives of this Nakshatra have the capability to feel the pain of others. The native cannot forgive their enemies easily and the betrayal stays in their heart for a very long time. They can sometimes get into trouble because of their nature of helping others. Many a times they unnecessarily interfere in disputes of other people. As a result they suffer from a decline in their wealth and respect.

Purvashada natives are very modest and humble. They are attracted to the arts and acting. They are interested in literature. These people are well accustomed with the subjects they like. They are the followers of truth and simplicity. The natives of Purvashada are true friends because they maintain their relationships until their last breath. Their supporting and easy going nature distinguishes them in the crowd. They are forgiving. Astrology says that these people are true to their words.

They possess great intelligence. It is very difficult to beat them in an argument. Their convincing abilities are par excellence. They readily give advice but they don’t take any advice from others.

The body parts that comes under this Nakshatra are hips, thighs, nerves, back, hepatic blood glands and spinal cord. The native may suffer from problems related to these body parts if this Nakshatra is affected. This Nakshatra is said to be dominated by cough. The health of the native also gets affected easily because of excessive work and irregularity in lifestyle.

If we talk about the occupation of the natives of Purvashadha, they enjoy high rank in their profession. They are wealthy and lead a luxurious life. Natives of Purvashada are attracted to finance-related jobs. They may become top class legal advisors and stockbrokers in their life. The natives of this Nakshatra can work in fields related to entertainment, advisory, teaching, oratory, philosophy, and psychiatry. The native of this Nakshatra can seek occupation in creative works.

The life of the native of this Nakshatra is affected by the characteristics of Venus. Hence their career is also influenced by Venus. Venus is related to beauty. They do well in the beauty industry. They can also work in fields related to security, safety, hotel administration, nursing and medicine.

If Jupiter is in a favorable position then the native may turn out to be ambitious, truthful knowledgeable and highly qualified. Professions like navy officer, shipwreck workers, marine biology experts, fish farming, construction of dams, etc. will suit them. They have the potential to earn good money in these arenas.

Though they have a tinge of spiritualism in their nature they fail to attain it deeply, as they are always motivated by familial happiness. People know them for their cheerful and vivacious nature. They stay away from depression and despair. They like to do a lot of things for others in return for nothing.

They will however be subjected to a lot of criticism.They derive maximum benefits from unknown persons. They hate to flaunt and will never be a hindrance in anybody’s performance and progress.They are God fearing, humble and far from hypocrisy.They are good collectors of antique items and have a lot of interest in creative writing.