Natives of Ardra Nakshatra are Excellent in Politics and are Active Thinkers

Ardra Nakshatra is sixth in a number of total twenty-seven Nakshatra and it is positioned from six degrees and forty minutes in Gemini sign up to twenty degrees. Ardra means green or moist. It’s ruling Lord is Rahu. Its deity is Rudra and its symbol is a teardrop. It’s nature is sharp, hard and dreadful. This Nakshatra rules over ears and hair.

Astrologers say that natives born under Ardra Nakshatra are dominated by Rahu and Mercury. Let’s find out how the life and nature of its natives is influenced by the ruling planets. Mercury endows its native with good communication to the natives. Gemini is an airy sign.

Rahu helps in building a strong career in politics. Rahu makes its natives diplomatic and skilled in political affairs. The Ardra born is influenced by the attributes of Rahu. These people either join politics or associate themselves indirectly to politics and attain a successful career. They have connections with important people of higher society.

They are intelligent and can influence others to get their work done. They are good speakers, which is one of the main reasons for their success. The natives of Ardra are insightful and visionary. They have an innate ability to mould their personality as the time demands. They have an attractive personality and a strong perception. They are quite influenced by Rudra or Shiva who on the one hand is calm, placid and considerate for the goodness of the world and on the other hand, can turn into a destructor or Annihilator. Ardra natives have both these characteristics inherently present.

People born in Ardra Nakshatra are active thinkers. They have a good memory and general knowledge on a wide range of subjects. They are determined in their responsibilities and complete their work in any situation. They really don’t bother about morals and values in achieving success. They have a spiritual trait in their character and inspire others to practice it. Sometimes natives of Ardra Nakshatra become a bit arrogant and thankless to people who have favoured them.

Ardra people’s most defining trait is their probing nature. This particular trait makes them successful in their career. Their careers have lots of ups and downs and they know how to deal with them. They are hard workers with intelligence and innovative ideas. They are seekers of knowledge and continue to grasp knowledge in various subjects. They are clever and calculative and at the same time stubborn and exhibit violent temperament which makes them socially unacceptable.

Spirit is the characteristic of the natives of Ardra. If you have Ardra as your birth Nakshatra then perhaps you are restless, engulfed in too much routine work and lose your patience at the drop of a hat. You may throw tantrums at your subordinates but also care for them in distressing hours. They can do many things at a time and still not get disturbed. They can complete the job at hand with much ease and perfection. They are more successful away from their birthplace.

Their nature does not permit them to sit idly. They are ambitious and can go to extremes to achieve success. For these reasons they don’t have a clear image in the society and people may relate them with immoral things. Today politics has become a field of the opportunist and Ardra people. They can attract people by their oratory. They are experts when it comes to creating a humorous atmosphere. But in spite of all that, they don’t attain much reward and fame. Besides politics, they are successful in IT, aerospace, acoustics, sound engineering, radio, cinema, electronics field including the virtual world of gaming and robotics.

The natives of Ardra Nakshatra have a special attraction for the opposite sex. They have a weakness for material pleasures and lead a luxurious life. They show high morals but fail to follow them most of the time. However, they are sympathetic and genuinely offer to serve others.

Health wise they get affected by diseases which are difficult to diagnose and incurable such as paralysis, heart trouble, dental issues, asthma, and ear related problems.