Moon as a Special Factor in Horary Chart

The Moon which shines gloriously in the night sky has a special place in astrology. The Moon is not only the natural satellite of earth but it is also the prime significator of impact on human minds. From the ancient period the moon has been given a high position in astrology. Moon with its unique sixteen kalas (16 phases) influences as well as directs human minds and thus plays a crucial role in the lives of people
Vedic astrology considers the Moon as the significator of the mind.

  • Moon has an erratic nature and is the fastest moving celestial body among the planets.

  • The Moon completes rotation of a nakshatra in one day and in a two days and a half of it passes through an entire sign.

  • With its swiftness the Moon is able to occupy the same nakshatra and sign after 27 days.

  • It is required to make a Moon chart along with the Ascendant kundli as Moon is a significant factor in astrology which influences human lives strongly.

  • A child’s birth sign (Rashi) is the sign which was occupied by the Moon during his birth time. Placement of Moon in a nakshatra at the birth time of a child is used to calculate the vinshottari dasha from the lord of that nakshatra.

  • The moon sign is also said to be responsible for Saturn’s dhaiya and sade saati afflictions. Besides these the Moon helps in forming many yogas in a kundli.

Like Vedic astrology Horary astrology also gives importance to the Moon. The Moon is the symbol of successfully completing a task as well as achieving the desired objective. Horary astrology says that as the Moon is a swift moving planet, its position in the significator house (Karak bhava) guarantees instant and sure results to the native.

In this scenario the Moon acts as a guaranteed significator of work through which it is possible to find out whether a person can fulfill his desires or not. Aspect of Moon on the house of action or lord of the karak bhava in the native’s horary chart is very auspicious as it enhances success and fulfillment of desire.
Let’s clarify with an example:

  • Suppose a person wants to know whether he will succeed in a new business or not.

  • After hearing the question the Horary astrologers makes a horary chart in which Ascendant, lord of the Ascendant, profit or lord of the profit are determined.

  • Combination of above stated planet and house and aspect of Moon on the house of profit from the 5th house or any other house in a kundli means sure success in the business.

  • In this regard aspect of the Moon is very crucial in Horary chart.

Debilitated Moon may create obstacle in bringing success even though a kundli has auspicious Ascendant or lord of the Ascendant and lord of the house of profit. Thus an auspicious Moon is required in horary chart to make things easy and fruitful for a native. Auspicious combination of Moon and other planet results favorable situation and enhances success in a native’s life.

Important Details on Horary charts :-

Decisions in Astrology are made in many ways. Out of this ‘prashna shastra’ also holds great importance.

  • In ‘prashna shastra’, time & date of birth are not required, in this, the time when the question is being asked is taken into consideration.

  • Here, decisions are made by suddenly asking questions. This is a study that is capable of giving significant results even in the absence of time.

  • The answers to question are given by making a ‘prashna kundali’ during the same time.

Time is depicted as a ‘ahoratri’. Aho means day & ratri means night. Similarly, hora is formed by taking ‘ho’ from aho and ‘ra’ from ratri, which is called as hora of day and hora of night. It tells about day & night. This is nothing, but the method of telling the process of day & night.

‘Prashna astrology’ has been explained in ‘Brihat Parashara Hora’.

  • Apart from this, Vriha Mihir & Kalyan Verma has also talked about it. In ‘Prashna Shastra’ decisions are determined with the help of the questions asked during that time.

  • But some astrologers also use birth & yearly horoscope with it, with the help of which they tell the future of a person by understanding the concept of karma.

If it is analyzed properly, then ‘prashna kundali’ can become successful in giving predictions. In ‘prashna shastra’ the place where the question is being asked and the time has the same importance as that of the birth time in birth horoscope. In this, the person who asks the question is called ‘prashankarta’ & what he asks is called as a question.

Prashna kundali is formed by determining the position of the planets at the time when question is being asked. The lagna of prashna kundali represents the person who is asking the question. The position of moon in prashna kundali helps in telling a lot about the question. The position of the person who is asking the question is also determined by it, due to this it cannot be ignored.

Moon in Horary houses 1 to 12:

Moon in Horary house 1:

If Moon is placed in an auspicious position in the lagna of ‘Prashna Kundali’ then there is a possibility of person receiving success in his work. At this place if Moon is auspicious condition, then the work is expected to complete sooner. If you are facing any pain from an object, then there is a possibility of improvement.

Moon in Horary house 2:

If Moon is placed in Second house, then it will be painful, but the situation will complete soon. Things like ancestral property, wealth, jewellery, movable property and mouth etc. can be determined from this place. In this place, the good position of moon can be auspicious and can make you capable of achieving something better.

Moon in Horary house 3:

Position of Moon in Third house cannot be said favourable. The Third house of ‘prashna kundali’ reveals the capability and power to do any work. Things like younger siblings, friends, relation with neighbours, communication, writing, close relations, maternal brothers, small trips etc. can be determined from this house.

Moon in Horary house 4:

If the position of Moon in Fourth house is affected by benefic planets, then in this case the person receives good returns. From this house one can determine the situation of mother, happiness, house, wealth, movable property, vehicle, farms, mines and other natural sources of earth and if Moon is present at this place then you are capable of attaining them also.

Moon in Horary house 5:

Position of Moon in Fifth house gives favorability. Moon present in this house depicts the increase in your thoughts but along with this it also brings auspiciousness. From this house, things like children, love relations, love, romance, higher education, creativity, speculation and investment in stock market can be determined.

Moon in Horary house 6:

Presence of Moon in Sixth house in ‘Prashna Kundali’ depicts more inauspiciousness. You can face failure in work or might have to face the pressure of opponents. From this house, one can determine about diseases, opponents, debate, legal procedure, debt etc.

Moon in Horary house 7:

Seventh house is also not considered favourable, it is the place of your opponents. Things like opponents, your reputation in the society, life partner etc. can be determined from this house.

Moon in Horary house 8:

Position of Moon in Eighth house is also not considered auspicious. It is associated with sudden obstructions and accidents. Position of Moon in this house does not clearly specify the situation of the person who is asking the question and there can be delay in work.

Moon in Horary house 9:

Position of Moon in Ninth house depicts auspiciousness. Person receives benefits with the support of destiny. Ninth house is indicative of fear, along with this things like situation of father, long trips, your interest towards religion etc. can be determined from this house.

Moon in Horary house 10:

Tenth house is the factor of job, it depicts speed in new work and changes in your area of work. Situation of Moon is normal at this place. If prashna karta asks a question related to work and a favourable position of Moon is seen here, then there are chances of better work. Moon in Horary house 11:

Moon in the Eleventh house depicts your respect and situation of money for you.

Moon in Horary house 12:

Moon in the Twelfth house depicts a favourable situation. The decrease in your auspiciousness can also be seen from this house, here Moon is not considered favourable.