Malefic Vish and Hutashana Yogas are the Combination of Week and Lunar days

Yoga is an important component of Muhurta after Tithi, Vaar, and Nakshatra. The lunar day is from one sunrise to the next day sunrise.There are fifteen lunar days in each Paksha viz; Krishna Paksha of dark half and Shukla Paksha of bright half. Week days are named after the planets from Sun for Sunday, Moon for Monday, Mars for Tuesday, Mercury for Wednesday, Jupiter for Thursday, Venus for Friday and Saturn for Saturday.Combination of certain lunar days with weekdays forms different Yogas.

Several benefic and malefic Yogas are formed by the permutation and combination of lunar days and Nakshatras. Good Yogas enhance the activity done in that Muhurta and bad Yogas create problems in the activity done in a bad Muhurta.

Vish Yoga and Hutashana Yoga are inauspicious yogas in Vedic astrology. The poisonous nature of Vish Yoga is reflected by its name. It destroys a native’s auspicious Karma. Astrology says that all types of auspicious works should be avoided during this malefic Yoga.

People who are working on new projects should pay special attention to Vish and Hutashana Yogas. New assignments and works should not be commenced on a day which has either of these Yogas. Besides these, the foundation of a house or shop must not be laid during these malefic Yogas. Vish and Hutashana yogas are inauspicious for journeys as they may lead to negative results.

Vish Yoga.

According to astrology, Vish Yoga is the result of a special combination of weekday and lunar day as explained below:

  • When 4th lunar day falls on Sundays then it leads to the formation of Vish Yoga.

  • Combination of Mondays and the 6th lunar day result into Vish Yoga.

  • Vish Yoga is also formed by the combination of Tuesdays and the 7th lunar day.

  • Combination of Wednesdays and the 2nd lunar day creates this malefic Yoga.

  • The 8th lunar day and Thursdays form Vish Yoga.

  • Combination of Fridays and the 9th lunar day generates Vish Yoga.

  • When the 7th lunar day falls on Saturdays the Vish Yoga is formed.

The Hutashana Yoga

From the above analysis, it is clear that there are various types of Yogas that are formed by the combination of the lunar day and weekday. Hutashana Yoga is another such inauspicious Yoga in Vedic astrology.

Let us understand the formation of Hutashana Yoga. According to astrology, the following combinations create Hutashana Yoga.

  • Combination of the 2nd lunar day and Sundays.

  • Combination of the 6th lunar day and Mondays.

  • When Tuesdays and the 7th lunar day are together.

  • When the 8th lunar day falls on Wednesdays.

  • Combination of Thursdays and the 9th lunar day.

  • Combination of 10th lunar day and Fridays.

  • When the 11th lunar day appears on Saturdays.

Astrologers say that Hutashana Yoga is the last Yoga formed by the combination of the week and lunar day. It is the 7th Yoga of this category. All auspicious activities should be avoided in this Yoga.