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Librans Give Importance to Family and Social Life

Libra is the 7th zodiac sign which is symbolized by the image of a weighing scale. Astrology says that Libra is the lord of the west direction. In this article we will discuss what astrology says about the characteristics of the natives of Libra.
Astrologer says that air elements are prominent in the nature of the Libra natives. Venus is the lord and Saturn is exalted and Sun is debilitated in Libra. Natives of Libra are usually very ambitious and try their best to achieve their goals.
Their honest effort in doing the best uplifts them from time to time in their life. A striking nature of the natives of Libra is that though they carefully listen to others, they act according to their will. Libra natives are very individualistic and they do not bow down in front of any pressure.
Natives born in Libra sign have erratic mind. Due to this nature they are inconsistent in their comment and work. They keep changing their principles. This trait develops critical attitude in them for which they just cannot praise but find out weak points in others nature.
This sign gives its natives full scope of enjoying family life. They are very keen to acquire domestic happiness. Their family life is never in short of luxury and happiness. The basis of a harmonious family life of the Libra natives is their energetic nature. They never let indolence ride on their active life. Astrology says that Libra natives are intelligent and are able to manage other people.
Natives of Libra are known for their social behavior. They can establish good relations with people in a short time. They have clear and logical concepts. Librans have deep faith in love and that’s why they are caring and always cheerful.
According to astrological principles the natives of Libra will get a bright future if they study subjects like Ayurveda, Agriculture, Science, Library Science, Journalism, Radiology, Aesthetics and Textile Engineering.
Astrology after a lot of research has found that Librans may have profitable and successful career options in pharmacy, textile, diamond, art instrument businesses, musician, artist and film related works. Besides these professions milk, fruit and sweet related business are also favorable for the Libras.
Astrologers say that Libra natives are inclined to diseases like urine and skin problems, Hernia and limb problems. Kidney problem is a common disease amongst the Libras, thus they should be especially careful about these problems.