Librans Give Importance to Family and Social Life

Libra is the 7th zodiac sign which is symbolized by the image of a weighing scale. Astrology says that Libra is the Lord of the west direction. In this article we will discuss what astrology says about the characteristics of the natives of Libra and their family as well as social life.

Astrologer says that air elements are prominent in the nature of the Libra natives. Venus is the Lord and Saturn is exalted whereas Sun is debilitated in Libra. Natives of Libra are usually very ambitious and try their best to achieve their goals. They find it difficult to say no to people, even if they are just not interested.


Librans are true to its symbol .They have an inherent strength of being considerate, collaborative, open minded and socially developed. These qualities make them peaceful and impartial. They like company and get along easily with others. They are socially very active.

Given the opportunity, they will be well appreciated and will be able to achieve great feats when it comes to attaining consensus. They are the best for collaborative works in any field. They are great leaders and their oratory skills are very good. They are good at resolving conflicts effortlessly due to their charming personality. Their decision making rests solely on the consensus basis.

Their honest effort in doing the best uplifts them from time to time in their life. A striking nature of the natives of Libra is that though they carefully listen to others, they act according to their will. Libra natives are very individualistic and they do not bow down in front of any pressure.

Librans preference for quality leads them to beautiful things which is their Venusian character. They are good at arts and music which connects them well socially. All these qualities makes them popular among masses.


Natives born under the Libra sign have an erratic mindset. Due to this, they are inconsistent in their comments and work. They keep changing their principles. This trait leads them to constantly criticize. Consequently they just cannot praise others and are always finding faults in others.

Librans avoid confrontations and try to resolve any difference of opinion. However if for some reason unanimity seems inevitable, they will run away rather than face issues. They hate injustice, heated arguments and can’t stand violent situations.They will keep themselves away from such occurrences.

They can be easily influenced by others. As a result they may keep changing their mind. Due to this reason sometimes it becomes difficult to rely on them. In fact this very aspect of their nature may make them lazy. They are not able to decide and as a result they end up not doing anything at all. They try and keep away from stress and emotional challenges.They waste lot of money on luxuries as they are fond of it.

Family Life

This sign ensures that its native enjoys a good family life. They are very keen to acquire domestic happiness. Their family life is never short of luxury and happiness. Libra natives are energetic and this is instrumental in having harmonious family life. They never let indolence overpower their active lifestyle. Astrology says that Libra natives are intelligent and are able to manage other people.

Librans have a great desire to find the right partner. They are always careful in relationships. They will give respect their partner and honour their commitment. They will do anything to keep the fire burning in the relationship. They are very loyal and faithful and will fulfil the wishes of their partner.They will share everything with their partner be it big or small. They are scared of being alone .

They are family oriented. They love to spend quality time in the company of close relations. They would like to have a harmonious environment at home and they will do anything to have it.

People who are fun loving and spontaneous appeal to them. Their idea of happiness primarily involves celebrating occasions with friends and family. Contentment and health of their loved ones is paramount and they will do anything for that.

Their ruling planet Venus which makes them romantic. Whatever they do is driven by feelings of love. They have pleasing mannerisms and impress their partner with their conversation. They can get easily carried away by outer beauty.

Natives of Libra are known for being congenial. They can establish a connection with people in a short span of time. They have clear and logical concepts. Librans have deep faith in love and that’s why they are caring and always cheerful.

According to astrological principles the natives of Libra will have a bright future if they study subjects like Ayurveda, Agriculture, Science, Library Science, Journalism, Radiology, Aesthetics and Textile Engineering.

Being a cardinal sign,they are apt at launching new initiatives.They win hearts because of their gentle and warm attitude. Astrology after a lot of research has found that Librans may have profitable and successful career options in pharmacy, textile, diamond, art instrument businesses, musicians, artist and film related works. Besides these professions milk, fruit and sweet related business are also favorable for the Libras.

Astrologers say that Libra natives are susceptible to diseases related to kidneys, urinary tract, skin hernia and limbs problems. Libras, thus they should be especially careful in these areas of health.