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Lal Kitab Remedies for Moon

In Vedic astrology remedies are provided for debilitated or inauspicious planetary positions in a person’s kundli. In contrast the Lal Kitab remedies can be performed whether the planet is auspicious or inauspicious. The remedies help in retaining and enhancing the effect of the planet if it is auspicious and if the remedies are performed for an inauspicious planet, they help to reduce negative effects. In the following list we will discuss remedies of Moon in each house of the kundli.

Remedies of Moon in the first house of a kundli

  • If you want happiness from your son then bury aniseed under ground.

  • Marry before 24 years or after 27 years.

  • Water the roots of Banyan tree.

  • Fix copper nails on all four legs of your bed.

  • Throw coins in flowing water.

  • Wear silver on.

  • Take care of your garden.

  • Keep money tied in red cloth.

Remedies of Moon in the second house of a kundli

  • Don’t build a temple in your house.

  • Don’t ring a bell in a temple.

  • Take blessings from your mother.

  • Leave some uncovered land in front and the backside of your house.

Remedies of Moon in the third house of a kundli

  • Be hospitable with visitors.

  • Donate wheat and jaggery.

  • Donate milk and rice.

  • Wear silver bangles.

  • Worship goddess Durga.

Remedies of Moon in the fourth house of a kundli

  • Don’t do a business related with things like silver, rice and milk.

  • Keep an object made of silver given by your mother and take her blessings.

  • Fill a container with milk before starting a job.

  • Drink milk and water given by others.

  • Perform a yajna,

Remedies of Moon in the fifth house of a kundli

  • Follow celibacy.

  • Participate in public welfare work.

  • Don’t be greedy and don’t be jealous of others.

  • Don’t tell lies.

  • Take rice and mishri (sugar cubes) tied in a white cloth and throw it in a river on a Monday.

Remedies of Moon in the sixth house of a kundli

  • Construct a tap/hand pump at a funeral ground.

  • Serve milk to your father.

  • Donate milk, jaggery, pulses and aniseed in a temple.

  • Avoid taking milk at nights.

  • Keep rabbits as pets.

  • Serve your parents.

Remedies of Moon in the seventh house of a kundli

  • Select a profession related to milk.

  • Marry after 24 years of age.

  • Don’t hurt your mother.

  • Take a business related to land.

Remedies of Moon in the eighth house of a kundli

  • Take water from funeral place’s water pump and keep in your house.

  • Don’t play tricks with others.

  • Take blessings from elder people.

  • Don’t build a house over a deep well.

  • Donate pulses to a temple.

  • Stay away from illegitimate works.

Remedies of Moon in the ninth house of a kundli

  • Feed milk to a snake.

  • Throw rice in a sea.

  • Visit temples

Remedies of Moon in the tenth house of a kundli

  • Visit temples.

  • Don’t drink milk at night.

  • Distribute medicine for free.

  • Keep river or well water in your house.

Remedies of Moon in the eleventh house of a kundli

  • Donate milk to a Bhairav temple.

  • Drink milk dipping a golden stick in it.

  • Donate milk.

Remedies of Moon in the twelfth house of a kundli

  • Keep rain water in your house.

  • Wear golden earrings.

  • Don’t construct a pump under your roof.

  • Maintain good relationship with your in-laws.

  • Visit a temple.


Some instructions while performing remedies.

Follow one remedy at a time.

Try to follow the remedy for a minimum of 40 and maximum of 43 days.

Do the remedial between sunrise and sunset.

The remedy can be performed by blood relatives like father, brother or son too.

Don’t miss any day while performing the remedy as a miss means a person has to start over.