Lal Kitab's Deceptive Aspect

A kundli in which a planet aspects another planet situated in the 10th house from itself casts a fraudulent (Dhoke ka) aspect that provides inauspicious results to the native. The kundli shown here has the tenth aspect of Sun on the 7th house. In this circumstance the placement of Sun is in the 10th house of the kundli.

In this way Rahu in the 5th house casts 10th aspect of deception on Saturn that is situated in the 2nd house of a kundli. Due to this reason the native may face problems from his relatives. There is no significance of natural friendship and enmity in this type of aspect.

Lal Kitab says that the tenth aspect of a planet is applicable on a planet in a house when there is a responsible relationship between the planets.

For example if a planet aspects from its own sign, exalted sign or permanent (Pakka) house then the aspect is deceptive and it gives negative results, but the aspect does not harm the house of the afflicted planet.

Lal Kitab says that in this case the enemy or debilitated house of the planet that is aspect by another planet will cause harm to own house. Another important thing to notice is that there will be a variation in the result if an inauspicious planet or house is combining with an auspicious planet.