Lal Kitab And Special Years of Planets

Lal kitab says that the 9 planets influence a native’s life for 9 special years till the 48th of the person’s life. During these special years planets provide auspicious and inauspicious results to a native. In this article we will discuss about the special results of the planets that are provided in special years of a native.

Impact of Jupiter

Jupiter influences a native at the early years of his or her life. a native’s 16th years of life is the year of Jupiter. Let us make it clear by an example. If a native has an exalted Jupiter on the 4th house of her kundli then she may have excellent academic result up to the 16th year.

If Jupiter is on the 6th house of her kundli, it indicates that there is a possibility of loss of education in these formative years of her life. Sun influences a native’s life up to 22 years of his or her life. Exalted Sun in a kundli means profit from government works, whereas debilitated Sun points to failure in this sector.

Impact of Moon

Moon has a huge impact especially on the 24th year of a native’s life. Exalted Moon in the kundli means pleasure from mother and other worldly things. A debilitated Moon in the kundli may create negative results from mother and mental stress of the native.

Impact of Venus

Venus is the significator of 25th years of a native’s life. As Venus is the lord of love, marriage and life partner it deeply influences these spheres in a native’s life. Exalted Venus in a kundli or Venus in a fixed house provides pleasure from wife, but if Venus is debilitated it creates lack of worldly pleasure of the native and family problems arise.

Impact of Mars

Mars reigns supreme in the 28th years of a native’s life. With its auspiciousness and inauspiciousness it influences its natives. Auspicious and exalted Mars in a kundli means profit from siblings and land property. Debilitated Mars in kundli means loss in family property and bad relationship with brother and sister.

The 34th year of a native is dominated by Mercury. Exalted Mercury in the kundli means loss in business profit and debilitated Mercury increases the possibility of loss in business.

Impact of Saturn

Saturn influence the 36th year of a native’s life by its auspiciousness and inauspiciousness. An exalted Saturn is profitable for native’s profession, building house and individual effort. Debilitated Saturn in kundli means loss in the above stated spheres of native’s life.

Impact of Rahu

Rahu has its influence in the 42nd year of a native. Auspicious Rahu points to success in political field and debilitated Rahu in kundli means the native may be a victim of political conspiracy. Rahu in this situation causes mental problems.

Impact of Ketu

Ketu impact a native’s on 48th years of life. This planet enhances profit from son and maternal uncle whereas debilitated ketu means loss of wealth from the above stated relationship of the native.

List of Planets & their years

The list given below will be more convenient for you to see the influential periods of planets in a native’s life.

  • Jupiter - 16th year,

  • Sun - 22nd year,

  • Moon - 24th year,

  • Venus - 25th year,

  • Mars - 28th years,

  • Mercury - 34th year,

  • Saturn - 36th year,

  • Rahu - 42nd year and

  • Ketu - 48th year of a native’s life.