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Know Your Span of Life from the Horary Chart

Everybody wants to know how long they will live. For this many consult astrologers. You might have also been to astrologer for the same purpose.

Horary astrology is ideal for predicting the length of a person’s life . Astrology says that answering the question about one’s longevity is not fair but as humans have inquisitive nature they want to know their life span with the help of horary astrology.

In Vedic astrology Saturn is the significator of life span and in a kundli the 8th house determines a person’s longevity. A native will have a long life if his kundli has the auspicious combination of the 8th house, Saturn, Ascendant and the lord of the Ascendant. It is said that if the 8th house is inhabited by auspicious planets like Jupiter, Venus or Mercury then the native will enjoy a long life.

An admixture of above stated combination of house, planets, auspiciousness and inauspiciousness in a kundli indicates medium duration of longevity of a native. Another important thing in horary astrology while determining life span of a child is the placement of Moon which plays a crucial role.

Astrologers say that the 8th house which is the significator of life span is also a trikh house. Planets get afflicted in this house but the positive thing about this house is that placement of any auspicious planet in this position means the native will be blessed with a long life.

Placement of malefic planets such as Mars, Rahu, or Ketu in this house may cast negative impact on a native’s life span. In this circumstance a native may be a victim of conspiracy and accident. An afflicted 8th house and debilitated lord of the 8th house may decrease the longevity of a native.

A debilitated Ascendant or lord of the Ascendant may create many adverse situations in a native’s life.

Aspect of auspicious planet on the 8th house or lord of the 8th house is very good for a person’s long life whereas the aspect of malefic planets in this position lessens life span.

It is an excellent thing if a kundi has Saturn as the most powerful planet amongst other planets in his kundli. It is because Saturn as per his nature creates difficulties in the early life of the native especially problems related with health and other matters but gradually as the native grows old Saturn blesses its native with success and intellect.

The same things go wrong if Saturn is debilitated in the horary chart of the native. That means a native may lead a happy and prosperous life in his early years but he may face severe problems as he grows up.

In this way planetary position in a native’s horary chart indicate life span and other things related with his or her longevity.