Transit of Jupiteter Through Different Houses and its Impact

According to the study of astrologers, Jupiter is an influential and a benefic planet. It is a planet of knowledge, which has its influence on mind, soul, education, marriage, wealth, etc. Jupiter has different impact on individuals according to its transit in different houses.

Jupiter's Transit Through the First House

If Jupiter transits through the first house in the birth-chart and an individual is making plans for marriage, then the marriage is definitely on cards. Transit of Jupiter through this house, makes an individual physically and mentally fit. It helps a person achieve success in his work and is economically beneficial for him. It opens new areas of income. It provides respect and honor to an individual in the society as well as success at the work front.

Due to the aspect of Jupiter, individual may have increased interest towards spirituality and in social services. In this state, the individual may have a busy schedule in life and considers himself superior to others. Jupiter's transit through the first house may give rise to conflicts in the individual's family life.

Jupiter's Transit Through the Second House

Jupiter's transit through the 2nd house makes an individual economically strong. Increase in income can be accompanied by a rise in expenditure. As a result, he may continue to remain mentally disturbed. The individual may also have an impressive and influential personality. He will gain respect and honor in the society and happiness from his children but the overall happiness level from the family will be average. Property related decisions will also be beneficial for him.

During this phase the individual will be more inclined towards spirituality and religious work, because Jupiter represents religion.

Jupiter's Transit Through the Third House

Jupiter's transit in the 3rd house has a positive impact on health, as well as on academics, literature and philosophy. Your work will be recognized and will speak about your generosity. Your high thinking will get you respect and honor in your personal and professional life. Your old friends will also be very supportive. You will get opportunities to meet new people and establish friendly relations with them. Traveling is also possible and will be blissful.

Jupiter's Transit Through the Fourth House

If Jupiter transits through the 4th house you will have good fortune. Happiness and prosperity may flourish in your family life. Due to the arrival of happiness in your life, you may have many expectations. You may be satisfied mentally and will have a healthy body. You will make profits in business and will have good economic status.

When Jupiter transits through this house, it means your pending projects and assignments will be completed. You may come to a definite decision regarding any vehicle or property. You may get benefits from your in-laws and may fulfill your needs through your intellect and hard work.

Jupiter's Transit Through the Fifth House

When Jupiter transits through the 5th house, it provides positive results. Because of its influence, a person may be more inclined towards different areas of knowledge, also in music and writing. You will be keen to have in-depth study of astrology, philosophy and literature. You may get attracted and fall in love with the person of opposite sex. Due to the influence of the transit, people who may have the desire to get children will be fulfilled.  

It is also beneficial for economic matters. You may get support from the people who may be associated with politics and government. It is a good time for success and promotion in your work. You will get support and happiness from your children.

Jupiter's Transit Through The Sixth House

When Jupiter transits in the 6th house then it gives an average result. You may get health related problems and mixed effects on your mental status.Your hard work will help you get good position in your job or business. Your enemies will not face you and will not cause any conflict on the work-front. You will have economic benefits and an increase in income, although, expenditure will also increase, so, economic balance is the necessity in this situation. However, due to your investments and spending in beneficial and benedictory work you will remain happy and will get family support.

Jupiter's Transit Through the Seventh House

When Jupiter transits in the 7th house in your birth chart then it is in a very benefic position. It creates marriage yoga for the unmarried. It will have a good effect on your married life and gives a sweet relationship between husband and wife. It is also beneficial for progeny, which means you will be blessed by children. Your respect and honor will increase in the society. If you are jobless then you will get a job soon. During this transit you will get success and promotion in your job or business. Economic conditions will improve and you will have many sources of income. Your expenditure will also get increased but still you will be happy and excited.

Jupiter's Transit Through the Eighth House

This phase will produce average results. You will be physically fit but you will be mentally disturbed and unstable due to the effects of the Jupiter's transit in the 8th house. If you do not keep a control on yourself then anger and frustration may hamper your peace of mind. Enemies will not try to face you, therefore, you will achieve success in your work. You will be appreciated for your work and you will continue to work hard. You will have a moderate economic status and but may get a surprise source of income. you will be supported by government and will be successful.

Jupiter's Transit Through the Ninth House

When Jupiter's transit is in the 9th house in your birth chart then it makes you physically and mentally fit. You will be energetic and happy and your all pending work will be successfully done. You will be inclined towards religion and spirituality. At work front, you will get some new projects which will give you benefits in the future. You may get promotion or new work related responsibilities in this transit which will be highly beneficial for you. There will be an iIncrease in wealth and you will be respected in the society.

Jupiter's Transit Through the Tenth House

Transit of Jupiter in the 10th house will help you achieve success at the job front or business. Due to its influence, you will have good relations with the people from politics and of government which will help you to reap benefits in life. There will be peace in the family and you will have a great married life during this transit. You will get benefic results regarding money and wealth. Due to the influence of Jupiter's transit, respect and honor in the society will increase. You will achieve success in your work through your hard work and dedication.

Jupiter's Transit Through the Eleventh House

When Jupiter transits in the 11th house, the economic conditions becomes strong. You will get new sources of income which will be economically beneficial for you. This period may get you success in business or if you are doing a job then your position would become stronger. You may also get a promotion in your job. You will have a busy schedule due to the heavy workload. Your respect and honor in the society will increase and mentally you will be happy and satisfied.

Jupiter's Transit Through the Twelfth House

When Jupiter's transit is in the 12th house then your physical and mental fitness will remain average. You may sometimes fall sick but there is no possibility of a serious malady. Your mental status will also be at comfortable level but sometimes you may get tense and restless. Jupiter's transit gives you benefits in money matters but you will always be prepared to invest in the benedictory work. You will achieve success in your work but you have to work hard for achievements in life.

During this period, there are possibilities for traveling which will definitely have future benefits. Your hard work will win you respect and honor in the society.