Inauspicious Planetary Yogas in Married Life

A couple enters into married life with many dreams. Sometimes planetary Yogas in the Kundalis creates havoc in a peaceful married life and the couple is not able to understand the true reason behind their constant fights, eventually shattering their dreams.

Planets play an important role in bringing happiness in one’s married life. According to astrology, the seventh house is considered the house of marriage and life partner. Presence of inauspicious planets in this house may either cause late marriage or reduce post-marriage love and compatibility. Besides this, there are some inauspicious planetary Yogas which create obstacles in family life.

Astrology says that if in a person’s Kundali Lord of the seventh house takes a position in the fifth or ninth house then his/her married life may not be a happy one. A Kundali which contains planetary combination like this causes disagreements resulting into distance between the couple. In extreme cases, there may even be separation and one of the partners may choose to opt out of the marriage. Things may also go wrong in a person’s married life when the Lord of the seventh house takes a position with enemy Nakshatras.

Inauspicious Yogas for marriage

  1. Weak planetary position or placement of Mars and Venus in the same house of a person’s Kundali brings disturbances and problems married life. Due to this combination, the husband and wife’s relationship may remain unstable.

  2. According to the rules of astrology, weak planetary placement during the Maha Dasha of Venus is the reason behind the shortage of conjugal understanding between the couple. Mars, Ketu and exalted Venus in the Kendra houses make mismatched pairs.

  3. Even if there is a planet is in its own sign or exalted, there may be difficulties in finding a desired life partner. Inauspicious planets like Saturn and Rahu are not considered good in the seventh house as they increase the possibility of getting re-married.

  4. If the Lord of the seventh house is placed in the sixth or eighth house then disagreements happen between husband and wife. In extreme cases, separation may occur and the couple may develop new relations after that.

  5. A person who has these inauspicious planetary Yogas due to malefics in his marriage related houses in Kundali should avoid such circumstances by respecting each others’ values and thoughts and should be devoted towards their spouse. If the seventh house or the ascendant contains more than one auspicious planets or aspects of the same then there may be some painful circumstances for the life-partner.

  6. Family life of a person does not go well if the Lord of the seventh house combines with several other planets in any house, or there’s a presence of inauspicious planets in the twelfth house from it or if any malefic planet aspects the seventh house.

  7. Presence of malefics in the sixth or eighth house from Venus in one’s Kundali also makes married life troublesome. If the Lord of the seventh house is combust in its own house then it limits the happiness in married life.

  8. If Saturn aspects Mercury in marriage-related houses then the native may be impotent and if in a female chart, then it may affect the fertility of the native which may create problems in married life.

  9. Venus the symbol of marriage in association with Mars and if afflicted by malefics, the native will have extramarital relations. The native will also have a more intense sexual urge.

  10. Saturn and Mars if in conjunction with Rahu in the fourth house will spoil family happiness and tranquility.

  11. Venus if in conjunction with Sun in the seventh or twelfth house depletes the sexual urge of the native.

  12. The second and eighth house of both partners should be checked for the longevity of the husband and wife.

  13. Rahu/ Ketu axis on 1/7 or 2/8 houses is not good for the happily married life. Mars in the eighth house adversely affects the longevity of partner.

  14. The horoscope of both husband and wife should be checked for Mangalik Dosha and if there is an appropriate remedy, it should be implemented to ward off evil effects of the Dosha.

  15. Papkartari Yoga around the seventh house will badly affect the happiness of married life.

  16. Navamsa Lagna and its Lord is very important to judge the success of marriage. If afflicted by malefics it will result into problems in married life.

  17. Presence of Dhan Yoga results into multiple marriages. Second, seventh or twelfth house Lord placed in Upachaya houses also leads to multiple marriages.

There are many such combinations which affect the marriage-related houses. An expert astrological consultancy should be done to get the real picture.