Importance of Vedh Varga in Marriage Matching

In Indian marriages a couple takes vows in front of the sacred fire of marriage to stay together in happy and tough times. They promise to share the joyous and sad moments of their life staying side by side. Then how come many of these same couples are unable to stand by their vows after marriage?

Vedic astrology says that inauspicious planets in the kundlis of the couples create this kind of situation.  For a happy married life it is required to match the kundlis of boy and girl who are about to get married. A very well matched kundli will ensurea happy and prosperous conjugal life reducing negative impacts of inauspicious planets.

While matching the kundlis of a boy and girl astrologers can predict from the relationship between planets, nakshatra and yogas whether the married life will be a happy and peaceful one. If the result of the prediction is not favorable then the marriage should not be finalized, says Vedic astrology. The principles and utilities of Vedic marriage matching are also approved by North Indian and South Indian astrologers.

Marriage matching in South India is considered by 20 koota (bees koota) or varga on the basis of a native’s kundli. The Vedh vargh is one of the 20 koota which has its base in the Madhviyam Granth.

The favorable and unfavorable qualities of this varga are determined by astrologer while predicting future. This system is different from the North Indian system of marriage matching as prediction is not done considering the qualities of the varga.

Vedic astrology has three types of vedh. These are as follows:-

Ashwini, Varani, Kritika, Rohini, Magha,Purvafalguni, Uttrafalguni and Hasta nakshatra have Tiyarg vedh. Nakshatras like Adra, Punarwasu, Pushya and Ashlesha have Sammukh vedh whereas Magha, Ghanistha and Chitra have Paraspar vedh.

Let us understand the system of vedh from the cycle given below,

According to astrology Ashwini-Jyestha, Varani-Anuradha, Kritika-Vishakha, Rohini-Swati, Adra-Sravan, Punarwasu-Uttrasadha, Pushya-Purvasadha, Ashlesha-Mula, Magha-Revati, Purvafalguni-Uttravadrapada, Hasta-Shatavisha combinations have the vedh. That means the vedh afflicted nakshatra combinations are inauspicious for would be married couple.

Beside the above mentioned nakshatra, Mrigashira, Ghanistha and Chitra have mutual vedh. It is stated in Prashnamarg and Jatakadesh too. If a native is about to match his or her kundli in South Indian system then she need to consider the nakshatra vedh to avoid negative impacts in the married life.