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Importance of Saturn in Tajik Astrology

Tajik astrology is the system of Greek astrology that has gained widespread acceptance for prediction of event timings. It is particularly popular for predicting yearly horoscopes.

Saturn is considered a malefic planet with a strong impact on the horoscope. For this reason people have developed a fear of this planet. Saturn’s presence in your kundli’s twelve houses is inevitable and its result is also an eternal truth. So let’s see how Saturn impacts the kundali in each of the 12 houses as per Tajik astrology.

According to astrology, Saturn aspects the third and tenth houses from the house it is placed in with a quarter aspect. It aspects the fourth and eight houses with  3/4th of a quarter, fifth and ninth houses with 2/4th of a quarter, seventh house with a complete aspect. It is said that Saturn’s aspect is very dangerous; a person may have some sufferings in his life but becomes stronger if Saturn’s aspect falls on him. To get rid from bad impact of Saturn there are some astrological remedies which should be performed very religiously.

According to tajik astrology when Saturn is the Ascendant then it gives immense physical sufferings. A person may also lose wealth even though he’s not at fault.

When Saturn is in the second house in a person’s kundli, he faces severe problems due to the govt. He may even get punishment from the govt.

Tajik astrology says Saturn’s position in the third house is good. Saturn in this house provides a person financial gains and stability. In the third house it brings a person govt aid and he/she succeeds in administrative field.

The fourth house in the birth chart of a person is considered the house of happiness. If Saturn occupies the fourth house of a person’s kundli he will be may feel a lack of happiness and peace. He lacks may have financial problems and health challenges.

Now coming to the fifth house, Saturn in this position creates many problems for the person. There is a fear of theft in his/her home, and the person may have to struggle a lot to acquire wealth. Fifth house is the house of your children. There might be some problem related to children too.

Placement of Saturn in the sixth house of your kundli is very good as it brings wealth and keeps you away from enemies.

The seventh house of a kundli is called the house of marriage and life partner. Saturn’s presence in this house indicates problems in married life.

Position of Saturn in the eighth house may bring physical and mental problems. It also creates challenges in the career.

Presence of Saturn in ninth house of a person’s kundli gives pain to the siblings. The person should also avoid the business of animal husbandry.

People having Saturn in their tenth house should not take up animal husbandry as their profession. Saturn may also create challenges in the financial sphere.

Saturn plays a positive role if it is placed in the eleventh house of a person’s kundli. It strengthens financial stability and the person will not feel the lack of money in his life. The native’s health will remain sound too.

The twelfth house is called the house of expenses. A person spends money excessively if Saturn is in this house, but Saturn also provides him success.

Some Remedies in Tajik astrology

  • Tajik astrology suggests some remedies for Saturn’s position in different houses. Here are some of them:
  • Donate mustard oil on Saturday to calm Saturn in first house. He/she should tilak with milk or curd.
  • To calm Saturn in second house feed fishes with flour and pour unboiled milk in a well on Saturday.
  • If Saturn is in the third house do not take alcohol and non-vegetarian foods and feed black dog with bread cooked in mustard oil.
  • If Saturn is in the fourth house pour wine in a river and avoid taking milk during night time.
  • For Saturn in the fifth house adopt a black dog. Take aniseed in a new piece of a cloth, honey, silver and copper, and after tying them together keep it in the darkest corner of your room.
  • If Saturn is in the sixth house a person should fast every Saturday during the new moon. Besides this he should throw nuts in a river. 
  • Those who have Saturn in their seventh house need to avoid eating non-vegetarian foods and may take care of a black cow.
  • If Saturn’s is in the eighth house one should avoid meat and pour milk in river on Monday.
  • To calm Saturn in ninth house one should not store unnecessary things on the terrace. He/she should keep fast and worship Jupiter on Thursdays. To lessen Saturn’s annoyance he must worship Lord Ganesha and help blind people.
  • Saturn’s position in eleventh house is usually good. To get benefits from it one should keep fast and worship Saturn on Saturday. A silver brick in your house will be helpful to restrict the negative impact of Saturn.
  • An individual should eat vegetarian food, fast properly and avoid making windows or doors at the backside of house to keep purity of Saturn intact.