Importance of Muhurat in property Distribution

Property is considered one of the best investments, especially if it has been bought by our parents, ancestors or forefathers. Needless to say the more the merrier. In fact, a roof on the head is very much a necessity. Every young man desires to buy a get married and buy a good home for his family.

Eventually, children grow up and the cycle repeats. Today, the value of the property has skyrocketed and it has become a huge struggle to own a piece of land. As a result, any share of ancestral property is sought after. It is only natural that no one wants to let go of their share be it a son or a daughter. This calls for an even distribution of property.

It is said that the reason behind every conflict is money or wealth. At the time of property distribution, almost every heir wants the maximum possible. Often this leads to differences between family members and things may even reach the court.

Astrology says that when the distribution is done under inauspicious Mahurats, there is a higher chance of problems. Astrology suggests that a person must judge a Muhurat before distributing his wealth. As a result, the division of wealth occurs peacefully and without any conflicts between the concerned people.

Consideration of Nakshatra

Nakshatra is an important factor in Muhurat. If the day of distributing wealth has auspicious Nakshatras like Hasta, Ashwini, Pushya, Uttara Phalguni, Uttara Asadha, Uttar Bhadrapad, Rohini, Swati, Punarvashu, Sravan, Dhanistha, Satbisha, Mrigshira, Chitra, or Revati then it is considered an excellent Muhurat for distributing wealth.

Consideration of Tithi

Tithi is also very crucial in judging a Muhurat. An auspicious Tithi can enhance your task whereas inauspicious one can create obstacles in attaining that. In case of wealth distribution, it should be ensured that the Tithi is either any one of the auspicious Tithi of the second, third, fifth, seventh, tenth, eleventh, thirteenth or full moon day of a lunar day. These Tithis are suitable for wealth distribution. Rikta Tithis, 4th,9th,14th, and Bhadra Tithis are avoided.

Consideration of a weekday

According to Hindu astrology, the duration of the day or Vaar is from sunrise to sunrise on the following day. All seven days are named after the seven planets like Sunday after Sun, Monday after Moon, Tuesday after Mars, Wednesday after Mercury, Thursday after Jupiter, Friday after Venus and Saturday after Saturn. Among seven days some are considered good and others are considered bad.

Astrology says that a weekday is also a vital factor for determining a Muhurat for wealth division. If auspicious days like Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays combine with the above stated Nakshatra and Tithi, distribution of wealth should be carried out on that day as it will be an ideal Muhurat.

One important thing which should be taken into consideration is the position of the ascendant which is the starting point in a horoscope and is therefore very important in the Muhurat of that day. It assumes a unique position the outcome of an activity depends on that particular moment. An auspicious ascendant should be chosen for the smooth functioning of the process of distribution of property. Benefics should be in quadrants or trines and malefics in 3rd, 6th or11th houses. A person should not divide wealth on a day which does not have the above stated favorable circumstances.