Importance of Muhurat in Starting the Education of a Child

Muhurat-for-education. All parents have their dreams that their children will shine in life and make a successful career. Parents try their best to realize these dreams. But sometimes they are shattered when a child does not feel interested in studies or lags in a subject. Astrologers say that a child’s education should be started on a good muhurat to make the academic life smooth and successful.
Our ancient scholars and philosophers after much research and experiments concluded that muhurats are very effective in making a task more fruitful. An auspicious muhurat makes a work successful whereas an inauspicious muhurat may lead to obstacles in a work.
Similarly a good muhurat is very helpful for a child who is about to start his or her education. While considering muhurat for education some other things are also considered which are discussed below:

Consideration of time

When should education be commenced and what is the ideal time for it. This is explained in detail in astrology.

  • A deep study has been conducted to ascertain which month is best to start studies. Which field of education will be appropriate to It has also been studied intricately.

  • On the basis of astrological calculations a consensus has been reached concluding that Uttarayan is very suitable for the beginning of the education.

  • Sunlight spreads during the time of Uttarayan, and its transmission spreads the auspiciousness. This period has been known in the Indian tradition as a progressive and awakened state.

  • Organising activities at the time of Uttarayan is considered auspicious. It is believed to be the day of God and nature also basks in a new glory on this day.

Entry of the Sun in the northern equinox is very auspicious for starting the education of a child. Some astrologers say that whole year is auspicious leaving the 11th lunar day of Ashada shukla paksha to the 11th lunar day of kartik shukla paksha. While considering time it should be noticed that Jupiter and Venus are not combust.
Here the setting of Jupiter (Guru) and Venus is not considered favorable. This is because Jupiter hold the position of master (Guru), it contributes to the development of knowledge and intellect. Jupiter auspiciousness has a positive effect on the unborn. The native has positive thinking and his ability to learn is also very good.
Native is capable of learning and grasping anything new quickly and easily. In conclusion if Jupiter is setting at the time of commencement of education then there will be a decline in its good impact and it will not be very auspicious for the native. Similarly Venus also holds the position of master (Guru). In these circumstances, if these two planets are setting it is not considered favorable.

Consideration of week day

After the dates the next selection will be day. Which day will be good to start a child's education.

  1. Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are auspicious days to commence studies.

  2. These days are ruled by the calmer planets, so the selection of days brings in calmness in education just like the planets.

  3. Moreover it makes it easier and makes a person capable to understand everything in a simple manner.

  4. Here the cruel planet Sun is also considered, Sun is the soul of creatures and is very bright and blessed, hence Sunday is also construed as auspicious for commencement of education.

  5. Sundays and Mondays are also normal in this respect. But astrologers say that Tuesdays and Saturdays should be avoided.

  6. Mars and Saturn are kept in the category of sin planets. Tuesday is considered the day of Mars and Saturday is considered the day Saturn.

It is an excellent condition to start an education if the muhurat contains Ascendant of moveable signs like Aries, Cancer or Virgo, which have benefic planets on 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th or 10th house, malefic planets on 3rd, 6th, 10th or 11th house and 8th or 10th house have no planets.

Consideration of moon/Tara

The strength of Moon as well as Tara is also considered at the time of commencement of education. While ascertaining Muhurat if Moons transit is auspicious and strong then it is very good. Hence it is said “Chandrama Sarva Karyeshu Prashaste”.

  1. An auspicious Moon will improve the auspiciousness of a Muhurat to a large extent.

  2. Hence the strength of Moon should be necessarily checked, because even the other planets will support and give auspicious and inauspicious results based upon Moons strength.

  3. On the other hand if Tara is strong then Moon will also be strong only and vice versas.

  4. The day when the placement of Moon is on the 4th, 8th or 12th house from the birth sign of the child and the 3rd, 5th or the seventh house is without any tara is a good muhurat for starting the education of a child.

Consideration of Nakshatra

The selection of constellation is also essential for commencement of education.

  1. If auspicious constellations are selected, the education of the child continues and grows without any obstruction and tension.

  2. It's most auspicious to select a Chara (Moveable) or Soumya (Benefic) Nakshatra out of these.

  3. If the starting day of a child’s education has moveable nakshatra like Swati, Punarvasu, shravan, Ghanishtha or Shatavisha, milder Nakshatra like Hasta, Ashwini, Pushya, Moola, Mrigashira, Chitra, Purvashada, Purvaphalguni, Purvabhadrapada or Ashlesha then it is considered very auspicious for the child.

Astrological restriction

  1. Parents should not start the education of their child during the bhadra lunar day and other inauspicious yogas as these combinations may hamper good education of the child.

  2. Considering a lot of things in terms of astrology, we get to know a lot of things with regards of children's education.

  3. Many times we are unable to use the given Muhurat for education of our children because the admission date and guidelines are received from the school, which many times may not fit or favor.

  4. In such situation we can follow a few things. If there are 4 factors that need to be considered and even if 1 is possible to follow that can be done.

For instance when a child goes to school to study, it is possible to get auspicious time within that period.
Vidya Arambh Muhurats for the year 2019 will be as follows:

Vidya Arambh Muhurat January 2019
Date Tithi Nakshatra Days
18 January Dwadashi Rohini Friday
25 January Panchami Uttara Phalguni Friday
30 December Dashami Anuradha Wednesday

Vidya Arambh Muhurat February 2019
Date Tithi Nakshatra Day
1 February Dwadashi Mool Friday
25 January Panchami Uttara Phalguni Friday
6 February Dwitiya Dhanishta/Shatabhisha Wednesday
7 February Dwitiya Shatabhisha Thursday
8 February Tritiya Purva Bhadrapada Friday
10 February Panchami Revati Sunday
11 February Shashti Ashwini Monday
15 February Dashami Mrugshera Friday
17 February Dwadashi Punarvasu Sunday
21 February Dwitiya Uttar Falguni Thursday
24 February Sashthi Swati Nakshatra Sunday
28 February Dashami Mool Thursday

Vidya Arambh Muhurat March 2019
Date Tithi Nakshatra Day
1 March Dashmi Purva Ashadha Friday
3 March Dwadashi Uttar Falguni Sunday
8 March Dwitiya Uttar Bhadrapada Friday
22 March Dwitiya Hast Friday

Vidya Arambh Muhurat April 2019
Date Tithi Nakshatra Day
14 April Navami Pushya Sunday
24 April Panchami Mool Wednesday
25 April Shashti Purvashadha Thursday
29 April Dashami Shatabhisha Monday

Vidya Arambh Muhurat May 2019
Date Tithi Nakshatra Day
6 May Dwitiya Kritika Monday
9 May Panchami Arda Thursday
10 May Shashti Punarvasu Friday
13 May Navami Magha Monday
15 May Ekadashi Uttara Falguni Wednesday
16 May Dwadashi Hast Thursday
23 May Panchami Uttar Falguni Thursday
24 May Shashti Uttar Falguni Friday
29 May Dashami Uttar Falguni Wednesday

Vidya Arambh Muhurat June 2019
Date Tithi Nakshatra Day
5 June Dwitiya Aadra Wednesday
6 June Tritiya Punarvasu Thursday
12 June Dashami Hast Wednesday
13 June Ekadashi Chitra Thursday
14 June Dwadashi Swati Friday
19 June Dwitiya Purvashadha Wednesday
28 June Dashami Ashwini Friday