Importance of Muhurat for Child Adoption

Perhaps there is no person who does not want a child. Every married couple wants full satisfaction for their family life with the birth of their child. But those who are still deserted from the happiness of a child or those who are sympathetic to orphans and abandoned child in the society are keen to adopt a child. Astrology says that selecting the right muhurat for the adoption of a child is important. 

According to astrology child adoption is a very sacred thing. Child adoption is excellent if it is performed in a good muhurat. Astrologers say that if a couple adopts a child in an auspicious muhurat then in future they will receive immense happiness and honour from the adopted child. Here we will discuss the  sutiable placement of nakshatra, week day, lunar day and Ascendant during the muhurat of child adoption of a couple.

Considerion of nakshatra

It is very important to consider nakshatra while adopting a child. Astrology says that Pushya, Anuradha and Purvafalguni are auspicious for child adoption.

Consideration of Tithi

Tithis are also an important factor in determining a good muhurat for child adoption. Astrology say that pratipada, 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th, 11th and 13th lunar days are good for child adoption. These lunar days provides positive results in respect of child adoption of a couple.

Consideration of week days

Like nakshatra and lunar day, week day is also a vital thing for determining muhurat for child adoption. According to Vedic astrology Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are auspicious week days to adopt child.

Consideration of Ascendant

While adopting a child a couple should check whether the Ascendant is auspicious in their kundli or not. If there is an auspicious Ascendant in the 5th, 9th and 10th sign in the muhurat kundli then it gives positive results to the couple who are adopting a child.