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Importance of Fixed House of Planets in Lal Kitab

Vedic astrology says that planets become significators according to their houses. In Lal Kitab also there are significators of houses in a native’s kundli. According to Lal Kitab the significator of house is called the fixed house of planet. Lal Kitab gives prime importance to house then sign. That’s why planetary influence has a vital place in Lal Kitab. 
 Basically significator of houses in kundli are same in Vedic astrology and Lal Kitab. But some significator houses in Lal Kitab are different from Vedic astrology.  According to the principles of Lal Kitab if a house is not occupied or aspected by any planet it is called sleeping house. 

But a planet in its fixed house e.g., Sun in the 1st house or Jupiter in 2nd house is fully awakened. The awakened planet is able to influence other house and planet. In this respect a planet’s fixed house is very important in astrology.

Another specialty is that the signs are fixed in Lal Kitab, like the 1st sign Aries is in the 1st house, the 2nd house is of Taurus or Pisces is in the 12th house irrespective of birth time of native. That’s why significator planet is important.

Lal kitab gives stress on the importance of house more than the sign. Every house has a significator planet. Following are the fixed house of planets,

Names of planet significator of house

  • Sun is the significator of 1st house
  • Jupiter is the significator of 2nd house
  • Mars is the significator of 3rd house
  • Moon is the significator of 4th house
  • Jupiter is the significator of 5th house
  • Mercury and Ketu are the significators of 6th house
  • Mercury and Venus are the significatorof 7th house
  • Jupiter is the significator of the 9th house
  • Saturn is 10th house significator
  • Jupiter is the significator of 11th house and
  • Jupiter and Rahu are 12th house significator.