Importance of Fixed House of Planets in Lal Kitab

Vedic astrology says that planets become significators according to their houses. In Lal Kitab also there are significators of houses in a native’s kundli. According to Lal Kitab the significator of house is called the fixed house of planet. Lal Kitab gives prime importance to house then sign. That’s why planetary influence has a vital place in Lal Kitab.

  1. Basically significator of houses in kundli are same in Vedic astrology and Lal Kitab. But some significator houses in Lal Kitab are different from Vedic astrology.

  2. According to the principles of Lal Kitab if a house is not occupied or aspected by any planet it is called sleeping house.

  3. But a planet in its fixed house e.g., Sun in the 1st house or Jupiter in 2nd house is fully awakened. The awakened planet is able to influence other house and planet. In this respect a planet’s fixed house is very important in astrology.

  4. Another specialty is that the signs are fixed in Lal Kitab, like the 1st sign Aries is in the 1st house, the 2nd house is of Taurus or Pisces is in the 12th house irrespective of birth time of native. That’s why significator planet is important.

Lal kitab gives stress on the importance of house more than the sign. Every house has a significator planet. Following are the fixed house of planets,

Names of planet significator of house

1. Sun signifies the first house

Under Lal Kitab Sun signifies the first house.

  • If the Sun is in the first house then it makes a person equivalent to a king, or can become a minister in the state.

  • The person will have full control over self. He will attain the position of being the senior most member in a family.

  • The person will not judge others based on cast, creed or religion.

  • The person will give importance to justice. He or she will never take incorrect decisions.

  • The native will also be a good support for his father and will provide a lot of help, however will not expect same from his son.

  • The person will support his friends and family. He or she may not have ancestral property but will make sure to leave behind enough savings for his or her offsprings.

  • The native will be soft spoken in nature and will be respected by everyone.

2. Jupiter signifies the second house

Jupiter in the second house is considered to be important in Lal Kitab.

  • In this house Jupiter may be more powerful than Moon also. Because Moon itself is powerful at number 2.

  • In this position Jupiter is considered the Lord of Dev, religion and also of all the planets.

  • Jupiter is considered auspicious in all the houses of Taurus sign. Because of this Jupiter is said to signify this house.

  • When Jupiter is in this house a person is blessed with money and respect. Along with that the person will also benefit from serving others.

3. Mars signifies the third house

Mars is said to signify of the third house.

  • When Mars is in this house a person is courageous and brave. If a person is humble then he or she can be very successful.

  • The person will be blessed with siblings but will keep doubting others.

  • The person will be courageous and strong for others, however when it comes to his or her own family members he may not be aware of his powers altogether.

  • If Mars is situated positively in this house then it will bring in a lot of good results.
  • The person will also support others.

4. Moon signifies the fourth house

Moon signifies the fourth house.

  • A person’s profits depend on his or her spending habits. In other words the more a person spends the more a person profits.

  • A person’s earnings will also increase. The native will receive benefits from his or her mother. The person will benefit from all the things related to the Moon.

5. Jupiter signifies the fifth house.

Jupiter is said to signify the fifth house.

  • Native of this house will have the capability to attain deep knowledge. The person will be capable of in depth studies and can profit from astrology and ayurveda science.

  • They can also benefit if they pick up a profession in these frields. They will be blessed with children and children will bring in luck.

  • If Jupiter is supported by other auspicious planets then they will attain name and fame.

6. Mercury and Ketu signify the sixth house

Under Lal Kitab the sixth house is considered to be the position hell or complete darkness. It is also known as the world of hell, treasure of forgiveness and house of confidential help.

  • This house is related to the relationships with parents and in laws. Ketu is considered to signify this house and Mercury is the Lord of this house.

  • When we analyse the good and bad results of the 6th house we must also bear in mind the position of the 2nd and 8th house because these three houses are connected.

7. Mercury and Venus are the significators of seventh house

Mercury and Venus signify the seventh house. With Mercury and Venus in the seventh house the native’s position with regard to marriage will be positive.

  • If Venus is positioned alone it gives very good results.

  • The native will find a loving and caring life partner.

  • The native will be inclined towards physical intimacy.

  • Love relationships will be fruitful.

  • It also indicates a good bond between husband and wife.

If Mercury is in this position then again the life partner will be very loving. Many a times the feelings may not be reciprocated but in spite of this the native will continue to shower his or her partner with love.

The native will be very successful in business and will do well especially in handicraft related ventures. The native will prove to be helpful to others.

8. Jupiter signifies the ninth house

Jupiter signifies the ninth house. As per Lal Kitab the ninth house is highly fruitful.

  • The native will have long life. The native is likely to travel a lot.

  • He or she will be inclined towards religion. He will be first in carrying out good tasks and in helping others.

  • Family will be big and financially also everything will be good. Parents will be blessed with happiness.

  • The native will never suffer from debt and will never leave behind any loan unpaid.

9. Saturn signifies the tenth house

Saturn is said to signify the tenth house in Lal Kitab Kundali. Saturn very good results to the native in this position.

  • Saturn has an eye on everything and is the lord of eyes and is a helpful planet. It will have an auspicious place amongst all the planets.

  • Under the influence of Saturn the person will remain firm at his work. If the person gets a job working that involves being at one place then the native will benefit a lot.

  • But if he will be involved in a job that requires a lot of travel then Saturn may cause hindrances and such a job will not be ideal for the native.

10. Jupiter signifies the eleventh house

Jupiter signifies the eleventh house. Saturn will also have an impact in this position and this will keep the native in a confused state of mind.

  • The person is likely to remain in a dilemma. Native may not have enough money but will be very capable.

  • Person will work well but will not get the desired results. If the native uses tactics and ticks to get work done then he or she may benefit.

  • The native will suffer if he or she is honest and on the other hand will benefit if he or she manipulates.

11. Jupiter and Rahu signify the twelfth house.

Jupiter signifies the twelfth house.

  • The native will get wealth through blessings of elders. The blessing of an underprivileged will also propel the native’s destiny.

  • The native will always have good interest of others at heart. Even if someone does bad, the native will still wish well for that person.

  • Rahu also signifies the twelfth house. The person will lead a life of recluse and will be inclined towards material pleasures.

  • Under the influence of Rahu the native will always keep dreaming and will think too much. He will be building castles in the air.