Impacts of Yoga Formed by the Combination of Sun and Moon

In Hindu astrology, a unit of time of two Ghatis or 48 minutes is called one Muhurat.This is the time selected at a specific hour to start a job. Such a time is selected keeping in view the good planetary combinations available for the particular piece of work.

The position of Sun and Moon are most important because various factors in fixing of a Muhurat depend on the position of the Sun and Moon. Various components of Muhurat like Aayan, month, Vaar, Tithi, Yoga, Karana, Nakshatra, Lagna all depend on the movement of sun and moon.

Here we shall discuss the Yogas formed by the Sun and Moon. Vedic Astrology says that just as a coin has 2 sides, astrological Yogas also have 2 dimensions. An astrological Yoga cannot be necessarily categorised as either auspicious or inauspicious.

Let’s understand how Suriya Siddhant Yogas are formed due to the combination of the Sun and the Moon. According to mathematical astrology the circumference of this universe is 360 degrees (The zodiac is circular).

In this zodiac various planetary combinations are formed of which Sun and Moon combinations form the Surya Siddhant Yoga. A distance of 13 degrees and 20 minutes is required for these combinations, i.e. every combination between Sun and Moon should be take place at a distance of 13 degrees and 20 minutes.

The first such Sun Moon combination formed is called Vishkumbha yoga. The second Yoga of this type is the Preeti Yoga. It is formed at 26 degrees and 40 minutes in the zodiac.

In this way 27 Yogas are formed by the combination of Sun and Moon. The 27 Yoga that are formed by Sun and Moon are as follows:

  • Vishkumbha

  • Preeti

  • Ayushmaan

  • Saubhagya

  • Shobhan

  • Atigand

  • Sukarman

  • Dhriti

  • Shool

  • Ganda

  • Vriddhi

  • Dhruv

  • Vyaghat

  • Harshan

  • Vajra

  • Siddhi

  • Vyatipat

  • Variyan

  • Parigh

  • Shiva

  • Siddha

  • Sadhay

  • Shubh

  • Shukla

  • Brahma

  • Indra and

  • Vaidhriti

The Yogas are named in accordance to their auspicious and inauspicious results. The Yogas with auspicious names are positive, while those with inauspicious names are negative. Astrology says that amongst the 27 Yogas there are 9 inauspicious Yogas and all holy ceremonies should be avoided during the period of these malefic Yogas. The malefic Yogas are: -

  • Vishkumbha: 1st three Ghatis or one hour and twelve minutes.

  • Atigand : First six Ghatis or two hour twenty four minutes.

  • Shool: First five Ghatis or two hours.

  • Gand: First six Ghatis or two hours and twenty four minutes.

  • Vyaghat: First nine Ghatis or three hours thirty six minutes

  • Vajra: First three Ghatis or one hour and twelve minutes.

  • Vyatipat: Completely malefic not counted in any Muhurat.

  • Paridh and, First half Yoga or twelve hours.

  • Vaidhriti: Completely malefic not counted in any Muhurat.

Though only certain portion of time is mentioned as bad in these Yogas,but in practice these Yogas are avoided while selecting Muhurat.The malefic time for these Yogas have been calculated presuming an average time of sixty Ghatis for each Yoga and this can be proportionately increased or decreased depending on actual time of Yoga. These Yogas will provide the desired result only when the native performs unjustified malignant tasks.