Impact of Jupiter & Venus on Married Life

Venus and Jupiter are benefic planets. The seventh house is of the spouse. The placement of these planets in the seventh house or their impact on this house decides how much happiness or sorrow you will get from your married life.

  1. Venus in the man's kundali and Jupiter in the wife's kundali is the factor which decides how much happiness they will have in their married life.

  2. The placement of these planets and the houses which they aspect, helps choose the right life partner and get a happy married life from the kundalis of man and woman.

  3. The principle of jyotish is that Jupiter has a bad effect on the house it is in and it has a positive influence on those houses which it aspects.

  4. If Jupiter is situated in the seventh house of any man's or woman's kundali then he or she may have a late marriage or would not have a very happy married life. There may be problems between husband and wife and there could be undue conflicts in the couple.

  5. The relationship of Jupiter and Venus with the seventh lord is important to get a good married life. If in a man's or a woman's kundali, Jupiter or Venus the seventh house, are placed in it or the seventh lord is aspected or placed in conjunction with them, the person will have a virtuous and and cultured spouse.

  6. Like Jupiter, Venus is also bad for married life if it is in the seventh house. Venus in the seventh house makes a person prone to seek intimacy with other people after marriage. It brings problems and it removes the bliss from the married life.

  7. When Venus and Jupiter aspect the seventh house and the seventh lord then the married life would be enjoyable. If Jupiter in the Ascendent suffers from the Papakartari yoga then its aspect on the seventh house does not give good result.

  8. If the seventh lord is weak or conjunction with Venus in this situation, then the chances of a happy married life are reduced even more.

How Venus Controls Love Life.

Venus is considered as a majestic planet which is full of attractive personalities. It is considered to be the carrier of love, physical relations, beauty, material property and fun, and enjoyment, he is the lord of Taurus & Libra sign and it is strong when present in Pisces sign

  1. Strong Venus in horoscope means it is possible to receive all the happiness & pleasures. Presence of Rahu with Venus means the effect of women & wealth will be ineffective.

  2. Because Rahu makes Venus weak and makes their effects ineffective. Cognitive diseases also have their impact due to weak Venus.

  3. In the event of the auspicious of Venus, the individual's confidence is increased. Attraction towards opposite sex will also be more.

  4. It makes a person equipped with all the material things, and a sense of show-off can also be seen in the person.

  5. Art related works which involve creativity and expression will be favourable for you.

Venus plays an important role in love relationships. It is also considered as the base of love and attainment of physical relations pleasure.

  1. By studying the position of Venus in horoscope, one can determine whether you will receive love or not. In what form you will receive the love from your partner.

  2. Whether you will get satisfaction from your partner or not, in order to understand all these things, it is important to understand the position & impact of Venus.

  3. If in the horoscope of the native is placed strongly in an auspicious position, then you will become successful in receiving happiness from your partner. Whether it is marital relations or love relations, Venus holds great importance.

Impact on Men

  1. Both Venus & Jupiter are important for the good condition & strength of marital relationships. Venus is the factor of male hormone in male horoscope.

  2. It shows the passion of sexual relations in the male and the attachment of the person towards romance.

  3. A weak Venus shows decrease in male hormone and impotence in males. If in the horoscope of the native, Venus is placed in an auspicious position, then it will give happiness in physical relations.

  4. Relations will become strong. Person will become expert in flirting. He may be passionate about fashion and new things.

Impact on Women

  1. The role of Venus in a woman’s life depicts her satisfaction in love & physical desires.

  2. How will the situation of love & romance be in your life.

  3. Union of Venus with Mars or Saturn can show overwhelming love relations.

  4. You can be hasty in love.

How Jupiter Controls Love Life

  1. Impact of Jupiter in love relations depicts a happy & good relation. If in horoscope, Jupiter is placed in an auspicious position then it depicts a better married life.

  2. Union of Jupiter with benefic planets & presence in an auspicious house, depicts a positive situation.

  3. If in a female’s horoscope, Jupiter is present at an auspicious position, then it will bring positivity & stability in married life.

  4. Union of jupiter with malefic planets and being debilitated, retrograde or presence in an inauspicious house depicts a situation of discontent & divorce in married life.

Impact of Houses & Position of Planets on Love Relations

  1. In birth horoscope, the situation of love relationships is not only determined with the help of fifth, seventh or ninth house, but also with the help of position of planets and their impact.

  2. The possibility of establishing a love affair is also strong in the case of some major positions of planets. In which Venus holds great importance.

  3. Venus planet is observed. It is considered as the cause of luxury. It is considered as the main planet for love.

  4. Due to the effect of Venus, a person automatically feels inclined towards love. Similarly, Moon which is the factor planet of mind and is highly volatile, that’s why due to the effect of Moon the mind of a person can fickle and he can develop a love relation.

Due to the impact of Rahu in birth horoscope, the love relations of a person can quickly develop. It is not only considered in good or bad conditions. Due to the effect of this, mind can become a little confused & person can develop relations outside the traditions which means you can fall in love with the person of different caste or religion. Similarly, Mercury is also considered as the factor of love relations. It is also the factor of intelligence. The mind can become volatile due to the effect of this. In this condition, the feeling of expressions increase and a possibility of romance is established.

Venus & Jupiter has great impact on the happiness that can be received from love relations & married life. Due to the effect of both, the love and attachment of a person towards his lover can be determined. If an auspicious situation of these planets and houses is formed in the horoscope of a person, then that person can receive a happy and loving love relation in his life.