Impact of Jamitra Dosha and Baanpanchak Dosha in Modern Days

Vedic astrology speaks about various types of doshas. In this article we will discuss about the jamitra and baanpanchak dosha. The jamitra dosha is formed when a planet is situated in the 7th house from the marriage Ascendant or Moon Ascendant. The 7th house of muhurat Ascendant provides results on the basis of the planet situated in it.

Astrologers say that if Sun is in the 7th house in marriage muhurat then the bride may lead the life of a widow. Location of Mars in the 7th house may cause an early death of either of the husband or wife. Presence of Mercury in the 7th house is ominous for child.

If the 7th house is stationed by Jupiter then loss of wealth may happen to a native. Venus in this house may enhance health problems in the family of the native. Saturn’s placement in this house increases the risk of life of the native. Rahu and Ketu’s position in the 7th house may create many problems in life.

An afflicted jamitra is formed when a malefic planet is in the 14th nakshatra from the marriage nakshatra. Similarly the jamitra becomes auspicious if a benefic planet occupies the same place. Afflicted jamitra makes the muhurat malefic.

Astrology says that jamitra dosha is not inflicted in the following circumstances:

If Moon has a strong placement.

Auspicious aspect on the planets which form the jamitra dosha.

If Moon is in the 7th house of marriage Ascendant.

Strong Jupiter in marriage muhurat.

If Mercury is situated in the 7th house from the Moon.

Baanpanchak Dosha

Besides jamitra dosha the baanpanchak dosha is another condition which makes a marriage muhurat inauspicious. The term ‘Baanpanchak‘ means five types of baans namely, rog baan, agni baan, chor baan, raaj baan and mrityu baan. From these five baans the mrityu baan should be particularly avoided in the marriage muhurat.
Let’s see how mrityu baan is formed.

If Sun is on the 1, 10, 19 or 28 degrees of any sign then mrityu dosha is afflicted on a native’s life. To determine the baanpanchak the immediate passed degrees of the Sun’s sankranti are calculated. The Sun’s degrees are kept in to 5 places and gradually added with 6, 3, 1, 8, 4 and obtained sum is divided by 9. If the result is 5 then baanpanchak dosha is formed otherwise not.