Human Personality Through Palms

Palmistry which is also called Samudrik Shastra is one of the most popular astrological methods in the world. It studies the shape and structure of human body parts like skin colour, palms, networks of lines in the palms, signs and nails.

It is believed that Palmistry had an origin in 5000 B.C. Astrology says that the history behind the formation of palmistry is that after getting inspired by lord Shiva,  lord Kartikeya created Palmistry but it was thrown in to the sea by lord Ganesha. The sea handed palmistry back in to the hands of lord Shiva and thus this branch of astrology is also named as Samudrik astrology.

It is also told that sage Samudra nurtured and nourished palmistry and from this it got the name of Samudrik astrology. In modern times Chero has brought the study a lot of popularity.

Palmistry not only studies the lines present on the palm but also gives importance to nails, skin color, shape of the palms etc. You can easily determine your and other’s personality by carefully examining the palm. For this, it is required to know the various hand types and specialties in them.

1. Very small palm

Palmistry says that people who have very small palm might have a selfish nature. They primarily work for their advantages and do not think of others too much. They start fighting over little matters and may not show interest in humanitarian work.

2. Small palm

Small palms are also not very good according to palmistry. Natives who have small palms are basically very imaginative and construct ideas in the air. Though they are very talented and able they cannot utilize their abilities in practical life. They have indolent nature and for this trait they cannot fulfill their dreams most of the time.

They love to daydream and encourage others to indulge in the same. This characteristic in their nature hampers their personal achievements, and they may have to repent in the old age for the time they’ve wasted.

3. Long palm

The characteristics of natives having long palms are that they are very hard working and proficiently do the assigned tasks. They are clever and know how to work out a matter. They are reliable and are very active in the society. Another good quality in their personality is that they can identify a problem and can also work out a solution for it. They are important participants in social events.

4. Very long palm

A very long palm indicates a lack of courage. Usually natives those have very long palms get alarmed in tough situation. They find themselves in pitiable state in the times of challenge. Thus long palms make a person thoughtful and they  would rather think about things than take action.

5. Common palm

People who have a common shaped palm are quite sociable. They know the art of communication and making friends in the society. The natives of this kind of palms may have to struggle in life but they are not scared of sufferings. They succeed in life with their confidence, labour and ability and can divert bad luck into good fortune.

6. Square palm

This palm may look soft and delicate but it contains many calluses. If the two palms of the hands are not similar to each other then it indicates that the native has no regard for money. What are most valuable to them are knowledge and education. They hold a respectable position in the society and lead social events. Natives of square palm have possibility of becoming philosophers, artists or psychiatrists.

7. Primary palm

Primary palms are fleshy, heavy and dry. This kind of palms doesn’t have the same shape and dissimilarity can be identified in fingers of both the palms. It is said that they belong from prosperous family and are addicted to wealth. They are laborious and value material possessions. Life to them is indulging lavishly into eating, drinking and merry making. They may even be involved in unfair work to fulfill their material necessities in unfavorable circumstances.

8. Labourious palm

This kind of palm is usually very wide and heavy. Another feature of this palm is the presence of mounts in large numbers. Natives of this palm love to achieve success with the help of their labour. They can’t sit ideally but engage in constructive things. Thus they lead an unbeaten life. If your hand also seems like this, know your capabilities and start to work hard as success is guaranteed.

9. Philosopher palm

Philosopher palm reflects the philosophical qualities of the native. The individual’s palm will be delicate and beautifully carved like their art. Their palm colour will be pinkish and the fingers will be equally shaped. They have slender fingers. Natives of this kind of palm are lovers of beauty and art and are renowned in their interested field but they lack in practical issues.